What’s your ideal game? Like if you were to make one what would you personally put and make sure is in there?‎

I have like a dozen different game ideas I would like to produce. I can’t say any one of them is really ideal.

One thought I had was what if there was a 3d beat em up with a chain combo system along the lines of guilty gear? Where you have a set of moves that are available at any time and cancel into each other, pushing the enemy further back with each one, costing you the ability to combo into some options because of your distance from the target.

What if there was a beat em up game controlled by mouselook where you could glide between a fleet of different airplanes, fighting enemies on the wing, and using rocket boots to zip along the surface of each wing or for boost jumps and such? I made an animated film based on that idea.

 Another one was what about a multiplayer third/first person arena shooter where you selected distinct characters that all had unique movement options and were basically as differentiated as fighting game characters between their attack and movement choices. One character I could include would basically be a super charged version of a modern military shooter character and a quake 3 arena character. One could be based on the movement and attack styles from Gunz, except more fleshed out. I could give some characters double jumps, air dashes, teleports, etc. Then Overwatch came out and seems to be an implementation of this idea except as a team shooter.

I had a design doc written for a metroidvania, which I would probably redo from scratch and combine with another idea I had about making a fairly complex 2d platformer crazy action game, I figured out a way of making the command inputs used in fighting games more natural in that interface by taking a page from Symphony of the Night.

I had a thought about working on an RTS that focused more on unit micro by diversifying the movement patterns of each individual unit more based on schemes that are rather absurd from the perspective of simulating a little warrior down there but make total sense from an abstract perspective (like every time you issue a command, the speed is set to 0, and it gradually speeds up in movement as it follows its order, so you want to directly control those units as little as possible, or other units that could only move in straight lines of a certain fixed distance). Additionally having it so sending orders to units would temporarily buff them, and this buff was stacked for non repeating orders, akin to a style meter in DMC.

I have a tabletop RPG idea based on having no levelups for characters or dice rolling or random factors of any kind. I’m looking to flesh this one out and get it published when I have a chance.

I have an idea for a perfect conglomerate of mario style RPG mechanics.

I’d really like to produce any of these, but I don’t have the means or time right now.

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