Blacklisted P:M Tourney Blog Post

What tourney were you at recently? What game?

Blacklisted for P:M. It was a lot of fun, took place at this arcade called Game Underground connected to a mall. You can probably spot me in some of the stream footage, especially when they show the crowd. Got to hang out with smash friends across the weekend too. Trying to show one friend how to play traditional fighters, but he’s prone to salt so he just complained about how bad he was. The day before we left for Massachusetts I played him in Divekick a lot, and frauded him at least twice (fraud is when you beat someone without them taking a round off you), ribbing him a bit about how it’s only a two button game, how hard can it be. That night when I was playing smash friendlies, he demanded we play divekick, opening up my laptop. I didn’t want to play it, so I refused to unlock my laptop, and he insisted that he was going to 4-stock me with Fox and then I’d have to play divekick with him. He not only fails to 4-stock me, but I beat him and he gets even saltier, trying another couple times before being pushed onto falcon, which I also beat before he finally beats me. Still couldn’t get the 4-stock, only 1-stock. Very hilarious business overall. The next morning another friend who knows I like guilty gear came into the room and played Big Blast Sonic from Xrd, and I’m like, “Oh, guilty gear music” and open my eyes, and my friend is just like, “I knew that would wake you up”. Had a laugh over that.

On the car ride up, I had a power inverter (lets you use a standard plug in a car), which helped me prevent my laptop from downclocking when not charging, so I was able to emulate smash in the car and play it on the way up. Also played more Divekick and other fighting games.

The arcade had a super turbo machine (which ate my fucking tokens, so I couldn’t play it!), a third strike machine (I unfortunately missed some other friends playing on this, wish I could have played them), and a neo geo machine, which I played garou and metal slug on. I wandered around the mall with a friend when I had free time too.
Met a guy who I knew from the local facebook group who was apparently looking for me, because he enjoys the way I debate online, and wanted to play fighting games with me. Only got to play a little Jojo’s Venture with him, because he was curious about it (Fraud Mariah stompfest!), introduced him to Fightcade and I hope I get to play with him more in the future.

Apart from that played a TON of friendlies against all sorts of different players, even ran into someone from my old high school. Wasn’t expecting that. I tried integrating some of my knowledge from king of fighters to play a more passive game and shut down short hop approaches with more ftilts, which appeared to work well. I think my footsie game is my strongest point, but I keep pigeonholing myself into double fairs, which is only good against low level players.

Bit of a blog post, but it was a really fun weekend for me.


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