Going Full-Sirlin

How often do you disagree with Sirlin? Can you point to any case where you felt he was outright wrong?

Basically any time he talks about execution ever. He thinks games should be ENTIRELY about decision-making and anything execution-based should be excluded in the pursuit of the more pure game. That’s not a strawman, it’s seriously what he actually thinks.

And he was a huge dick right here by splitting the conversations. Despite the fact that super turbo, the game he loves so much, has an option select with throws on MP and MK, and KoF has that option select too as a point of design. And his entire argument about throw option selects being “bad design” misses the actual point.

Coincidentally, Guilty Gear Crash Course happened to cover ground throws today.

The other thing is that in TONS of his podcasts, he’ll set up the other side as being completely ridiculous and out of their mind to think what they do, and not really represent their points fairly, or outright misrepresent their points.

Like shit, he could have just said that it’s bad because Attack > Throw > Block is meant to be a central RPS triangle, and if you allow the throw option to essentially function as an attack as well then you’re not really working with an RPS triangle anymore, you’re removing the drawbacks of going in for a throw, and some throw counter strategies. Instead he focuses on how the inputs are kind of fiddley and counterintuitive. Every single time he says, “Okay, so they tell you it’s done like this, but it’s not actually done like this, that’s what noobs do and you should actually never do that, the REAL input for it is such and such”, just ignore him.

Sometimes he’s right, like in this option select case, but he’s getting the reasoning wrong.

Beyond that, a friend disagreed with him, typed out a rather reasonable case, and made the remarkable (and correct) point that 2in1s are an option select (same inputs leads to two outcomes based on what the opponent does), and Sirlin totally blew him off and separated the threads, labeling my friend’s discussion as “low quality”. That’s just being a dick.

I also love his FullSirlin moment when he said that he doesn’t think CS:GO could be the best competitive game ever because, “I don’t like aiming as a skill.”

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