Jim Sterling

Not sure if you’ve been asked this, but what’s your opinion on Jim Sterling. A lot of people say he’s on point when he’s talking about bad business practices, but it sounds like he’s just telling people what they want to hear.

I remember watching some of his videos a long long time ago, remember liking his point that reasonable budgeting allowed dark souls to be a financial success at 1-2 million sales, where bad budgeting had the tomb raider reboot be a failure at 5 million sales, rather, need to make 5 million sales minimum to not be a failure. That’s probably the strongest thing I’ve ever heard out of his writing.

On the other hand, he started this meme.
He gave FFXIII a low score, 4/10. A lot of people got mad at him, told him he wasn’t objective enough, had a bias against the game/series. So he made this to be a whiny kid about it rather than come to understand that to discuss a work of art, you need to make a claim about it, and cite supporting evidence within the work for your claim. He more or less just said that a lot of facets about the story were bad, without actually citing any part of the story, presumably to avoid spoilers. He similarly criticized the gameplay without telling us much of what the game even plays like. He didn’t do much better in his “objective” review, which is telling.

10/10 for limbo, come on.

5/10 for vanquish, mostly because he found it too hard.

10/10 because there’s an optional challenge that’s secretly sort of hard when the game otherwise refuses to be, as if hundreds of other games don’t have absurdly harder optional challenges.

People from 4 years ago remark on dumb shit he’s done.


Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review – The Devil You Know… Better


DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Review – Like A Vergil


He supports Dynasty Warriors because he’s bad at games. His later followup video defense says that having the enemies all be aggressive would be shit. No reasoning, just shit. Also it’s fun because you can tune out and just hit things. Sure. This is valuable.

And he frankly seems like he hates his audience and isn’t willing to converse or compromise with them. (coming from someone who would likely give FF13 a lower score than he did)

Yeah, I’m earthing up a ton of old shit instead of addressing newer things he’s done. I’ll get to it.

He’s making $10,000 a month on Patreon. That’s a 6 figure salary. All publicity is good publicity I suppose, and you’ll find people to support you no matter your views, unless they’re boring. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.

Okay, I’ve gone off topic enough:

Legit to Semi-legit. Ostensibly they’re selling the same package for the same complete price they’d want to sell it at. Has obvious issues with a game like final fantasy that is about nonlinear exploration. Interesting comment about Just Cause 3’s development.

Legit. Why isn’t TGM3 on PC yet? Touches on the legit point that publishers are not being careful with their investments, chasing short term profits hard enough to destroy long term prospects, spending too much on making games to make a reasonable profit back because they’re too reliant on large returns.

Fair, legit.

Bullshit even if the original issue was blown out of proportion. This is a game that has already had all of its development costs sunk being pushed out of its most profitable market by fear of criticism from smarmy assholes like Jim Sterling.


Rather bullshit considering how underpaid other members of staff are for putting in more work than the voice actors. The movement didn’t succeed and rightfully so. This isn’t film. Voice actors don’t make a lot in other contexts either. The amount of money spent on celebrity voice actors is an advertising stunt. David Hayter pushed his luck for way more than it was worth and made it clear he wasn’t innocent.



Why did EVERY big journalist like this game? Why did they hate Thi4f? Why did they like Smash 4, which is a worse downgrade than both of these?

He’s on the money for criticizing publishers for a lot of their negative behaviors, but he doesn’t seem to have any criticisms of journalists or media outlets. It’s likely a case of in-group bias, and his own incapability to admit fault, which he is so harsh on publishers for.

I hate how smug he looks in all his photos, I hate his literal pulpit, I hate his opening theme, I hate his voice, I most hate the way he poorly communicates, then acts like the hate he gets is undeserved, like he can’t accept his mistakes, and tries to play it off like he actually has moral fiber for being “honest”. He gets stuff right about half the time, generally regarding the shit the industry tries to pull on us.

One thought on “Jim Sterling

  1. shengar March 20, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    People just like Sterling because he spews some shit that could be otherwise said by other people. His point and observation is usually rather shallow and very basic job that a old media journalist should do (new media journalists are charlatans, including Sterling). It just happened that he’s the only that do the job and no one else.

    Yeah it’s a necessary thing and better him than no one else whatsoever. It’s get tiring though that he only tackles the most recent issue or shitstorm while rarely bringing up other industry problem that still lurks beneath and not covered enough (like game preservation).


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