Industry Customer Hostility

How come most people working in the videogame industry are so hostile towards their consumers and consumer feedback? Most often resorting to calling their consumers entitled.

Come on, most people aren’t that way. We just hear more about the ones that are. Why are they that way? Well it’s hard to say, but it’s honestly probably just in-group out-group dynamics, othering. When you’re on the inside, in the industry, if a bunch of people criticize you, you say to yourself, “what do they know? They don’t know who we really are. They don’t know what things are like on the inside.”

GYP has been controversial a number of times, had huge 4chan threads calling us out, pretending like we were simultaneously an echo chamber and hated each other. Most people at GYP dismissed that type of stuff, I read further, even though it was painful.

People get tied up in what they produce. When you make something, when you put effort into something, you get proud of that thing, and it’s hard to accept criticism about it. Especially the type of anger people put forward about video games. There’s a reason /v/ was associated with rage in the past.

You see a ton of anger about something, the drive is to dismiss it. The consumers don’t know what they’re talking about, our game is fine, they have entitlement issues, feeling like they deserve more when we already gave them so much. It’s easy to dismiss, it’s a lot harder to internalize criticism and fess up that you might be wrong.

I know I’m headfast and defend my positions vigorously, but I still change my mind on occasion, and when people can present a good argument for me. When someone does it, they almost always act surprised, like I’m close-minded or something. I believe in what I currently believe for a reason, but I want to know the truth, which means updating in the light of new evidence. Seeing someone criticize me hurts, and it hurts even more when they’re right, when they destroy everything I built up. This has happened a number of times. Sometimes I lose the will to do anything for a while, but I know I gotta fix my mistakes and keep moving.

Anyway, most companies don’t openly act hostile towards their customers. Most stay silent. Why do journalism outfits back these people up? Because they have connections to the industry, they know these guys are getting hurt by fan criticism, and think these nice guys don’t deserve it.

At least that’s my guess. I don’t know these guys. I’m extrapolating on my own experiences. I’m honestly mystified by this stuff as much as you are.

One thought on “Industry Customer Hostility

  1. adamtm May 19, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    “GYP has been controversial a number of times, had huge 4chan threads calling us out, pretending like we were simultaneously an echo chamber and hated each other. ”

    To be fair that was exactly how it was though…


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