More L’s Canceled

Do you like the analogy between l-cancelling and dribbling in basketball?

Sure, though the way you dribble is a tactical decision frequently. People can steal from you during dribbles.

But you can think up plenty of extra examples. Why would you ever deliberately not meteor cancel? Why would you ever deliberately drop a combo in a fighting game? Why would you ever not shoot directly at an enemy in a first person shooter with a hitscan weapon? Why would you ever not continuously produce units in an RTS, resources allowing? Why would you ever not use the throw option select in Guilty Gear? Especially if you’re Sol with a kick that comes out in literally 3 frames. Why would you ever not crouch jump in half life or TF2?

Why don’t you allow a separate shorthop button? Why not snap to the ledge when you’re close to the sweet spot range? Why not have airdodging into the stage shunt you upwards to avoid awkward deaths at the ledge? Why not let you grab the ledge backwards?

Beyond that, why have hard execution things at all? Why make perfect shields only 2 frames instead of all the frames? Why not have a billion frame buffer on everything?

Look, Sirlin’s been to that territory before. He staked a claim on that territory in early pre-history. I don’t want everyone to go live over in that territory. When you live in that territory you’re not allowed to obtain any type of advantage over your opponent except through better calculation of the odds and memorization of the state space; plus they have crappy wifi over there.

L canceling isn’t 1 frame links. It’s not Ky’s FRC stun edge. It’s not a pretzel input, it’s not even QCF HCB or 632146 HS. Jump install in guilty gear is another thing you basically always want to do and have no downside to doing. There’s a lot harder execution things that don’t need to be so hard to do, a large number that have much better cases for being toned down or outright removed (like jump install). Including things that are arbitrarily hard to execute for the sake of such is not a big deal. L canceling is totally small in the scheme of things. It’s not the hardest tech in the game. It’s not an insurmountable barrier to newcomers.

Have some Borp:

It has been confirmed that due to what may be a programming oversight, shield angling doesn’t affect L cancel timing at all in P:M . Does this change your opinion on L cancelling or not?

That doesn’t make any sense. That’s not the kind of thing that can be changed due to a programming oversight. The shield angling trick works because hitting someone’s shield generates frames of hitstop. By angling your shield, you’re causing them to hit your shield sooner rather than later, generating the hitstop sooner rather than later, which fucks up their ability to see when they’re going to hit the ground. You can’t have a programming error interfere with this one thing specifically, it’s an emergent property of the interactions involved.

No, it doesn’t change my opinion, because the shield angle trick is an extreme corner case anyway.


Literally already bookmarked it. Great read.

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