Saddest Game Channel I ever saw


I’ve seen a lot of bad game analysis channels, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything remotely this vapid. Also is it just me or has that cowboy bebop song been overused for videos explaining things? Campster’s Dark Souls video was better.

This entire channel is like what happens when you want to start a game analysis/video essay channel when you don’t genuinely have anything to talk about.

Look at how he thanks his subscribers for helping the channel grow, on a video with 27 views, a channel with less than 1000 subscribers, $0 in patreon money. He’s copying the format of genuinely successful channels like Core-A Gaming, Nerdwriter, Every Frame A Painting, Joseph Anderson, Turbo Button, PBS Idea Channel, Satchbag, and others to a T. He has title cards, motion graphics, talks over smooth jazz, an accompanying patreon talking about his accomplishments, has segments of him talking into a webcam and thanking people for liking and subscribing.

This channel is practically a work of art in copying the medium without the message.

Dude needs to sit himself down and ask this question about each and every one of his videos, “What do I have to say about this topic that the viewer doesn’t already know?”

He’s fighting in red ocean territory and he can’t compete. One of my most successful videos is my Metal Gear Rising analysis. It wasn’t a runaway success, but it worked because it presents something the viewer does not already know, a perspective on the game the viewer probably does not already have.

Most video essays are built on this simple premise. Take a subject the viewer is familiar with, show them an aspect or interpretation of it that blows their fucking mind (that isn’t obvious, but is something that they’ve unknowingly been interacting with all along).

His videos are not closer looks at the subject matter, they’re grade school book reports. They’re fluff trying to fill time. His most popular videos are fact reports because those have more content and substance than his analysis videos, because he has no ability to analyze, only repeat what other people have said. I was outright astounded that he managed to mention the 12 principles of animation in his fighting game animation video, because that’s possibly the most vague and uninformative video I’ve ever heard on animations in a video game.

If this is your channel and you asked this question, or if you were linked to this answer, I’m sorry. As they say in Smash Bros, “Unplug your controller dog! Forfeit mah n*gga.” I don’t think you can’t get better, I don’t think you ever wanted to try.

One thought on “Saddest Game Channel I ever saw

  1. Mr Thee June 27, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    Wow, watching that “analysis video” is like… surreal. Like the images/animations are all polished and feel like they have production value, but… he really has nothing to say. He’s constantly jumping between “points” to often and it’s hard to figure out what the crap he’s arguing about.

    You know what this is? This is, like, the video equivalent of BSing a high school/college essay. He wants to sound deep and insightful, but he’s going absolutely nowhere.


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