Scrubs vs Advanced Tech

Why do people complain about advanced techniques found in games like wave dashing? Even resorting to calling them names like “wave cheating”?

“Wavecheating” is a joke made up by Melee players, as is “Fun Canceling”. Only Smash 4 players say that semi-seriously.

They complain because they don’t understand them, and don’t want to learn them.

Look, scrubs complain about everything. They complain about throws. They complain about blocking. They complain about zoning. As a friend recently put it, they mistake Moral Values for Competitive Values. They think they are playing the game in a Morally Correct way, the way that is fun and intended by the designer. They don’t understand the underlying rules of what makes a game fun (because almost nobody does) or the concept that fun might be something outside the de jure rules of the game. They might even think of fun as being a product of the fiction of the game, which naturally glitches and advanced techniques violate all the time.

Scrubs see this unassailable wall in front of them. How do you fix this? Give them the power. Show them a way to overcome it, show them how to do the technique for themselves.

We’re familiar with people cheating in conventional contexts, because it’s usually pretty obvious. We’re probably also familiar to using cheat codes in games and with the concept of cutting corners or taking the short and easy path. Glitches are ways to play the game that are outside the intent of the designer, so they seem a lot like cheating or other things that have negative connotations. Scrubs frequently think that if these things exist then something is lost in the process, that the game becomes only about using these glitches and stops being the game they love.

This is why you see mistakes, like saying that, “because of wavedashing all anybody ever does in smash bros is wavedash, because it’s faster.” They don’t realize that the move has drawbacks, such as being slower than a regular dash. They don’t see the way things like Snaking (mario kart) or Strafejumping change the way you see and think about the level. They don’t get what’s so fun about it, they just think you’re not playing the game right.

But remember, Dribbling in Basketball wasn’t intended either, it was almost banned in 1927, and today it’s an inseparable part of the sport as well as a common skill that is known by children and adults everywhere.

Meanwhile, a dude did arbitrary code execution on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Show!

And here’s a page from One Punch Man:


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