Dark Souls Scrub Bingo Card

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Can you give a list of things across the soulsborne series that are falsely considered unfair/cheap/artificially difficult and you actually like. For instance, the Capra Demon.

Lemme see:

Limited checkpointing
Multiple enemies
Ambushes from around corners
Attacks that track you (notice how complaints about this faded when dark souls 3 was released even though it does it just as much, but has more animation blending of footsteps to cover it?)
Skippable tutorial messages
Low health/high damage
The Capra demon
The silver knight archers
Falling hazards
Shrine of Amana
Pontiff Sulyvahn
Obscure story that stays out of your way unless you care to engage with it
Runbacks after dying to a boss
Curse/soul form
Hitboxes, especially grab boxes
Enemies respawning on using the bonfire
Everything taking stamina instead of only running
Memorization of enemy placement/patterns
Losing souls on death
Backtracking instead of warping
Your attacks bouncing off walls and enemy attacks not
Enemies with infinite stamina
“dumb” AI
NPCs with infinite ammo
Enemies with wide aggro radius that track you for a long time

All of this is great, all of it I’ve seen people complain about before, I’d like more of this stuff.

To list multiple strong enemy compositions from Dark Souls 1: We have the forest hunters, which were a group of 4 or so enemies all placed close together, and all difficult for that level. Also the cats in the forest, the giant stone soldiers, and the giant guards in and around Anor Londo, at least 4 of which you have to go directly past (group of 2 smaller giants and group of 2 larger giants + an archer). Or the various silver knights in Anor Londo rooms that were grouped together. Or the white demons outside. Or the crystal skeletons in the duke’s archives (especially the opening hallway), giant skeletons and skeleton dogs in tomb of the giants, T-Rex butts in Lost Izalith (though those were kind of bullshit), Crystal Golems and the Hydra in Dark Root Basin, the Anor Londo silver knight archers, loads of encounters in the DLC, and probably others I am overlooking.

I dedicate this post to these scrubs:

What are some things outside of Souls that are falsely considered unfair, cheap, or artificially difficult?

Pretty much any game that’s hard or tries to be explicitly hard. People come up with excuses for everything. Super Meat Boy, Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts n Goblins, any roguelike, I wanna be the guy clones, google a hardest game ever list and you’ll find games that people have complained about at some point in time.

I had someone tell me that all arcade games are cheap because you die in one hit, and any game that has you die in one hit is artificial difficulty, since that’s the same as the self-imposed challenge of not getting hit. They said pretty much the same about pausing. Said artificial difficulty was anything the game enforces that’s the same as a self-imposed challenge.

50% of the examples on this page are bullshit.

Apart from that, here’s 2 links that also came up when I googled “fake difficulty”

There’s probably stupid examples among the good ones.

You can probably use google to find other examples, it’s what I’d do if I wanted to seriously answer this question.

And if you want an actual bingo card of this, here you go.

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