Full Sirloin

Also, what is with the damage output in Fantasy Strike? It seems people can actually die from just two combos.


Don’t tell me that picture is actually you.

That’s David Sirlin.

He looks like an asshole.


I’ve seen Sirlin be described on /v/ as an elitist (not derogatory, just so good he’s too detached from lower skill levels) who sees technical jargon as god. Then why is he making a fighting game with no execution barrier? Doesn’t seem the kind of game an elitist, high level player would make.

Dude, you don’t know him. He’s always been completely opposed to any type of technical execution whatsoever in any game. Again, he banned me from his forum for almost 300 years for disagreeing with him and defending execution in games.


He once said that Smash 4 should be modded to make the execution easier. To stick shorthop on a separate button and have tilts be a separate input as well.

Here’s his first podcast where he calls basically all the sort of executional advantages you can get in a game, “Cocaine Logic”

In all of his podcasts he frequently addresses viewpoints that oppose his own, and some of them are indeed dumb (like character bans in MOBAs), but he never regards anyone that believes differently than he does with enough respect to actually understand their viewpoint. All of his attempts to sum up his opponents’ viewpoints are mocking and derisive.

I just found the statement in this one, “I don’t know of any fighting game, ever, that has too few hitpoints” WELL NOW WE DO!

Of course it’s worth noting that he is also the creator of the book, Play To Win.

Despite his frequently insane stances on how difficult execution in competitive games should be, he himself is an accomplished street fighter and guilty gear player. He adheres to his position that you should play to win, and do everything in your power to win. He’s no scrub.

So he’s kind of a weird guy in that way, but at least he’s consistent.

Also, for the record, I still think many of his game design articles are totally great and invaluable, and all of his games are really fun to play and well designed (I have not played fantasy strike, and have no opinion on it). Just on this one topic, he’s totally insane.

A-a dedicated short hop button for Smash wouldn’t be that terrible tbhfamalam. Coming from a scrub of course. Didn’t give what I read about Sirlin justice, if you care check threads like >>357711812 like the part where he is compared to Ultron.


I think the guy comparing him to ultron completely doesn’t understand Sirlin’s Duality at all, or the nature of truly playing to win in harmony with other people. It’s like he read the PTW book and thought that it came from some crazy tryhard just because of the premise. Though I do think we could maybe use a newer beginners guide than PTW on competitive mindsets.

I mean, a dedicated shorthop button certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but it does ruin the kinaesthetic sensation of pressing the button harder or softer, which matches many people’s expectations of how jump buttons should function from a history of gaming (also it’s a less elegant solution).

On that note, I do think Yomi Counter is actually a good idea after some consideration, because it’s impulse to block when someone approaches you, and releasing all the buttons and directions means you’re vulnerable. It’s definitely not as bad as SFxT’s auto-throw-tech gem, which was a disgrace.

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