Other Good Game Critics

I’m going to be kiss ass for a moment. I think you are quite honestly one of the best critics out there but I know there are a lot of people out there who take game design to a whole new level that other “critics” do not. Can you tell me other people who you would recommend following?

This is in no specific order, lists a bit of what each dude is good and bad at:

Raph Koster (He wrote Theory of Fun, has a ton of knowledge under his belt about everything, prefers the fluff side of things, but is realistic about game design):

David Sirlin (He banned me from his forum for 200 years for telling him he was being a dick. Writes really well about balancing systems and design in general, but has a hard time understanding the viewpoints of people he doesn’t agree with, and a rigid policy against any type of remotely difficult execution being in competitive games):

Mark Brown (usually good design videos, also usually a bit vague or lacking detail):

Joseph Anderson (decent long-form game reviews that use evidence to make points very thoroughly, which is more rare than it should be):

Shmupulations (translations of japanese game dev interviews, most are fluff, some have some worthwhile content):

Super BunnyHop (Gets on the mark and has his heart in the right place usually, is sometimes able to dig up points I miss or point out the obvious things nobody else is pointing out, also does some nice semi-investigative industry stuff):

I don’t know whether to recommend Keith Burgun yet, I started reading his blog a while ago, but it seems alright. He’s also said a lot of stupid stuff that I don’t agree with (like about reading opponents, asymmetry in competitive games, and execution), so I have reservations.

Kirbykid (Friend of mine, knows a lot about game design, I’ve disagreed with him on tons and tons of things he’s written, we have very different visions of what makes a good game, even if we agree on similar principles):

Turbo Button (Friend of mine, I kind of pushed him to do more game designy videos instead of ones on narrative and shit. )

Zeboyd (only really write about RPGs, don’t update much with game design posts anymore):

Kayin (Makes good points, comes at things from good angles, doesn’t always go into the most detail)

Frank Lantz (Similar to Raph Koster, I don’t read him much)

Not to toot my own horn, but for the most part, I kind of invented/reinvented the wheel here. Meaning, I came up with a lot of the concepts I write about myself, rather than taking them from existing authors, other people of course wrote a ton of things before me, and laid a lot of groundwork for me getting to where I am, as credited above. Most of my knowledge and positions are things I came to on my own in defiance of the people around me, synthesized from experience with a lot of games and research across many sources. I’ve taken what I like and discarded the rest.

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