Megaman Prime

How would you design a Megaman game with the gameplay of a Metroid Prime game?

That’s such a mindfuck. Like, Metroid made some degree of sense in its transition to Prime. The exploration and powerup aspect translated really well. Megaman by contrast is basically about jumping to specific heights and shooting. Megaman games through their enemy and level design basically require you to aim your weapon at enemies that you need to move around because you can’t aim up or diagonal, so you need to get on the same horizontal line as them through movement. Megaman as an FPS would probably be like Doom with a jump button and no auto-aim up or down. It would probably have fairly linear levels focusing on combined enemy and platforming challenges. Maybe be a bit like action doom? (I didn’t play action doom, I only saw a video of it once).

But saying with Metroid Prime gameplay? That just doesn’t fit what Megaman is. Megaman wouldn’t have lock-on, it wouldn’t have mostly passive enemies. Megaman gets most of its mileage out of simple enemies that work aggressively in conjunction with the level design to block your way. They die fairly easily, but you need to do that tricky thing of jumping the right height and shooting.

Honestly, an FPS that had that constraint, that you could jump, but not aim up or down, it might be kind of interesting if you approached it the right way. Enemy designs would be hard to get right though. Sine waves would probably be a big deal. Might make more sense as a 3rd person shooter so you could be close to big enemies while shooting them, since there’s that 3 bullet limit in classic megaman, which has the added dynamic that being closer to enemies means you can shoot faster.

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