Ideas for Unconventional Games

You talked about in one of your articles that there some things that we haven’t begun to explore in terms of gameplay. Can you share some of those ideas?

Mang, I’ve been sharing those ideas. I drop ideas all the time.

Here’s some random ones out of my idea file (some are obviously repeats of stuff I’ve said before):

A game entirely (or heavily) based on whiff punishes to get damage.

FTL except remade to be about all the mathematics you would learn at a real naval academy, practically applied to randomized situations. Make sure the ship doesn’t sink, explode, capsize, etc

Moving checkpoints, instead if going back to the checkpoint you just activated, you go back 2 checkpoints instead.

Parrying system that somehow integrates spacing more, like different attacks need to be parried at different spacings. Parrying system that needs a setup from the other game mechanics before it can be used, so parries don’t/can’t become the dominant or sole gameplay system.

Dragon’s dogma style magic system based on charging spells for long periods of time. Imagine you have 3 strengths of spell, light, medium, and heavy. Lights can be used pretty quickly, mediums have some startup, heavy are long and you gotta charge them. Big deal is, while charging heavies, you can’t use mediums, but you can use lights, and you take a hit to your mobility. So picture a dude with one hand in the air charging, zipping off little magic missiles to keep enemies at bay as he darts around them, then unleashing a typhoon when fully charged.

An overpowered super mode that makes you take/deal more damage and disables your ability to dodge, and takes a while in that mode before you actually deal tons more damage, so if you want to cheese, you gotta do it the hard way and survive to the point where you can wipe the enemy out.

Option to forsake bonus powerup type rewards in order to unlock hidden boss fights, content, endings, etc

An RTS with an overall health meter that is depleted each time a unit is destroyed, and when units are destroyed they are queued up to respawn at a certain point for free.

Vertical oriented “platformer” where you “jump” out to the left or right from a central pathway upwards, with gravity pulling you back into the center. Could lock onto other paths out in space and those become center of gravity.

RPG game about pacifism, where all your dialogue options deal damage to the opponent’s “will bar” and cause your character to shoot a stream of bullets at the enemy. See MSPA’s Sleuth Diplomacy and Listening to Both Sides of the Argument.

Rhythm platformer, you jump in beat with the music uncontrollably, automatically, without input. Gotta platform through levels by timing movements with when the jumps come in songs.

A fighting game that, as an on-going experiment, only nerfs characters to balance them. Imagine nerfing all of Melee to Kirby’s level.

Top-down twin-stick melee combat game.

One thought on “Ideas for Unconventional Games

  1. Arempy 58 February 14, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    I’ve had the exact same idea with power-ups/upgrades stopping you from reaching bonus content.


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