What’s So Great About Zelda 1

What’s so great about LoZ? There aren’t any advanced mechanics are there? inb4 muh micropositioning

M-Muh micropositioning!

I’m not gonna claim it’s the most deep game of all time, but it really emphasizes player movement around enemies in a way few other games do. The 2d top down action game roster is actually fairly limited (apart from twin stick shooters) and the original legend of zelda is one of the few successful games in that lineup.

There are a few advanced mechanics, but they’re not really why the game is deep. (spin attack, some weird reverse bomb thing that works on darknuts, and forcing bomb drops on the 10th enemy)
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DESYNC Changelist

I was a tester/consultant for DESYNC after the creator Sean Gabriel, added me on steam out of the blue because he was a friend of a friend and curious what I’d think about his game. I went into the game not receiving any information on how to play it, attempting to figure it out purely for myself so I could give better feedback about how to inform players about how to play the game. I suggested a lot of changes over the course of development and a fair number made their way into the final product. I did not get to play a lot of later areas until extremely late into the project, meaning I never fought the second and third bosses until release, and never used a few late game weapons like the rail cannon, stake gun, and wavescythe until release. I’m very proud of my contribution to the product, although I did not serve as one of the primary developers and they are worthy of a lot of praise for their combined efforts. Continue reading

My Skyrim Experience

Have you played Skyrim or any of its mods?

Okay, here’s my skyrim experience:

First I started the tutorial. After following a straight path I eventually got a weapon. From there I realized that I could beat up the guide character and he would never die or aggro. I got my two handed skill up to like 26 or something before the tutorial was over.

Then I tried to keep attacking the tutorial guide after leaving the tutorial, and he aggro’d. I had saved after aggroing him so I had to kill him, so I did that. Continue reading

Why does Bed of Chaos suck?

What exactly makes the bed of chaos fight bad? I don’t disagree its bad, I just don’t have a grasp of that kind of stuff like you do

So basically, there’s these two roots on each side. To kill bed of chaos, you need to run up to these roots and deal 1 hit to each of them. The bed has these two big hands that try to sweep you towards the center, dealing damage and knockback if you’re hit. Continue reading

PlayStation All-Stars & Building a Good Smash Clone

What are your thoughts on Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale?

I played it a long time ago, so I’m going off memory now.

It’s competently made, but it doesn’t copy enough from smash or do enough of its own thing to really work.

All the stages with moving parts only go through their transitions once. No looping. So if the match is longer than a certain duration, the stage will end its routine long before that. At least there’s an option to turn off hazards, I wish Smash Bros implemented that without completely shitting the bed like in Smash 4. Continue reading

Fire Emblem Everything

HEY! If you’re still with your friend. Tell him to further elaborate on Fire Emblem Awakening’s issues. It’s sad because I really like it, even after playing the others. I must know.

It’s rather difficult to say why I don’t think Awakening is a very good game. That mostly has to do with the fact that I think Awakening is rather mechanically decent at first glance. That isn’t to say that’s it doesn’t have flaws, it most certainly does (and I’ll elaborate how problematic they become), but I do think many of the changes work fine on paper. The change in the avoid formula fits the greater stats and rewards units with defense far better then older games, skills come at a good pace (if you’re not grinding anyhow) and whining about galeforce would just be repeating what everyone has already said. Continue reading

How does Mirror’s Edge Stand Out?

What do you consider to be some of the deepest games ever, or at least by you?

Considering depth is my standard of quality, you could just ask what I think the best games are.

I’d probably go with like, Guilty Gear AC+R, Project M, Starcraft Brood War, Quake, most of the best stylish action games. Probably throw Go in as well, that really stands out among tabletop games. Continue reading

Mass Effect Combat Review

What do you think of the combat in the Mass Effect series?

I played about half of Mass Effect 1 and beat Mass Effect 2, but it was so long ago I don’t really remember it. I remember it was REALLY boring cover shooting. Mass Effect 1 was a poorly optimized abomination that managed to run poorly on my much newer than the game computer, when ME2 didn’t. Enemies don’t move a lot. They shoot hitscan bullets, there’s the usual regen health/shields. You play peekaboo with cover and try to tank enemy hits while shooting them, because they take damage permanently and you don’t. They also don’t take hitstun, and all your weapons use the same ammo (ME2), or have cooldowns with unlimited ammo (ME1). There isn’t a lot of reason to move around during combat, because enemies don’t move around much, and you’re basically always using mid/long range effective weapons. Occasionally enemies throw grenades, I think. I don’t think you have grenades, only cooldown abilities, some of which might resemble grenades. Continue reading

Halo 1’s Unique Success at the 2 Weapon Limit

Where do you think Halo 1 succeeds with the two weapon limit system where Bioshock Infinite and other games fail?

Actually, I think Halo 2 fails at the 2 weapon system for similar reasons to other games, which I’ll discuss in that review (which is mostly done, I just want to comment on each level a bit).

Overall, I think if you limit a game to 2 weapons at a time, then it creates a situation where you can’t have a wide weapon diversity, and all weapons need to be good at all ranges, with more situational weapons only vended out for specific sections (like that one sniper section in BS:I where you have a barrel with a sniper rifle in it right before like 3 snipers). Continue reading