Tetris, the Perfect Game?

Do you enjoy tetris and would you agree with that it’s the perfect game?

I’m not a big tetris fan, but it’s cool as hell to see the GDQ runs.

Perfect game? I don’t think that can be quantified. There’s disagreements over even the implementation of its various rules, and the tetris company limits what experimentation is even allowed around Tetris with its guideline. There’s different ways to implement the random algorithm, different ways to treat wall kicks, different ways to rotate blocks, different ways to spin the various blocks into tight spaces (like T-spin), what levels you up, different implementations of wallclimbing, scoring, the entire concept of delay lock was only added later on to the games, which many people might not realize wasn’t in the original games. You get neat little things like piece highlights that show where a piece will drop when it’s all the way down, held pieces, the number of pieces previewed in advance, instant drop for less than 20G modes.

Look at all these crazy different rotation systems: http://tetris.wikia.com/wiki/Rotation_system
And the twists they enable: http://tetris.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_twists
Then consider variations like Bastet (bastard tetris), where it’s difficult to clear as few as 7 lines on very slow speed settings. http://fph.altervista.org/prog/bastet.html
My brother showed me 40 line clear, where you try to clear 40 lines as fast as possible. His record is 54 seconds.

That and I’m curmudgeony and don’t like calling a game literally perfect.

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