DMC4: SE Vergil Criticism

How are you enjoying the new characters in DMC4: SE?

Only played Lady and Vergil so far. I’ve been avoiding grabbing any health powerups for the challenge. Lady is hard to use, has trouble getting in close to enemies, her controls are a bit tricky to manage, but I feel like she has some potential, because she still does have a varied moveset, she just has a very different approach from the other characters. Like she has the extremely slow, but heavy hitting kalina ann attacks to interrupt enemies up close, shotgun stinger and back blast for big damage, a dedicated long distance launcher, launcher on her pistols, charge shots on all her weapons. A bomb type of super attack that makes her temporarily invincible.

Vergil meanwhile is fast and super destructive. He’s more or less just his DMC3 SE self, except with more moves and some minor changes. I’m a fan of the new air trick teleport, using the sword as a device for it, however I’m not a fan of how you cannot trick up if you have that sword in an opponent, and in general how the trick up command has been deprecated. To trick down while fighting an opponent you need to enter DT mode, it’s oddly restrictive to only offer Trick down at the cost of meter, considering it’s not a very useful move to begin with. Vergil can rapid slash like crazy in DT mode, which looks cool but in my opinion is too powerful and free, even compared to dante’s similar stinger ability. Not a fan of Judgment Cut End, the new super ability either. Lady’s super ability is at least restricted to an area, and costs all her meter. It’s weird how he can’t use summoned swords during taunts anymore. Cute is the decision to make Rising Sun DT only.

I like that Vergil can cancel things with his darkslayer teleport now, but I feel like it cancels way too much. It’s especially nice to cancel rapid slash on yamato with the teleport, but being able to cancel attacks in midair with it is overkill, especially with the emphasis the game typically places on jump cancels. Instead of doing the more difficult and limited jump cancel option you can now teleport straight to them even if they’re out of range. Its use as an alternate dodge type attack is still appreciated though. It would be smart if they limited the number of things he’s allowed to cancel with darkslayer to a more specific set that don’t entirely overlap with jump cancels, like more ground options maybe to retain the feeling of commitment most attacks have. Like limit it to things with long recovery times, like rapid slash, or things with low commitment that aren’t performed within JC range in the air. Or maybe it could uniquely cancel things with high commitment like judgement cut, drive, or round trip? I dunno, just pick a theme, make sure it doesn’t overlap with JCs too much.

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