Is MGS5 any good?

I’m enjoying it so far. Seems to have a ton of stealth tools to fuck around with. Missing maybe a couple that were in MGS3, like you can’t keep animals in your inventory anymore, or food. Doesn’t seem to have the porno mag anymore. The controls feel really nice, but the Dive move sucks when it could be awesome. I wish that you could press or hold space to make the dive into a roll back up into standing or crouching position, and that the dive could go over obstacles. In MGS3 you could roll over low bearing obstacles, like a railing, or through a window. The jump command is also a bit weird, working like a zelda jump, except there’s also a button press too. It seems like the complete product, tons of missions, tons of people to kidnap, you can analyze their skill rank before you kidnap them, you can shuffle people around in mother base to open up different upgrades. They recycle some buildings within the same area though, I’ve run into the same prison building in Afghanistan like 3 times. They have a really clear differentiation between the benefits of lethal and nonlethal play. If you play lethal, then the guy will never come back to haunt you, but he’s dead, which is a waste of resources. Nonlethal tends to be quieter up front, so you’re not calling in an alert, but you have to deal with enemies waking up later on, and your resources are more limited, so you need to aim well. You can run super fast and never get tired, which rocks. If there’s a sandstorm going on, or rain, then you can even do it really close to enemies. The cardboard box was expanded excellently, and rain will destroy your box. A lot of the technology doesn’t match up with the time period, and seems really inconsistent with the later games, but I’m honestly happy they did this, because its given us one of the most expansive toolkits in any stealth game. And HOLY CRAP my first encounter with the new metal gear was crazy.

I once hit a guy with a tranq in his chest, causing him and a buddy to come after me on the rooftop, as they were climbing up the ladder, the guy I hit passed out, and fell, knocking out the guy below him, so they were both unconscious. There’s some stylish stealth potential possible, and a ton of ground to do it across.

In another part I had two guards really close to one another in a tiny room, I knew that if I tried to take them out, at least one would see me, and no matter how many magazines I threw, they wouldn’t budge. So I threw a smoke grenade at the door to cover myself, then tossed a stun grenade inside the room, stunning them so I could knock them out, and it totally worked.

Other major criticism is that many things require real time to build, like base platforms which can take 1-2 hours to complete, and later upgrades start taking 18 minutes, maybe longer as I get further in. There isn’t a way to pay to make it go faster, I don’t know why this feature is there. Also the timer only counts ingame time, so you can’t quit and come back later.

Is MGS5 have as many options gameplay wise as the thief series? Are the levels as wide open?

It has way more, it’s from the series that had MGS3 after all. Thief 2 has like, Blackjack, Sword, Broadhead Arrow, Water Arrow, Fire Arrow, Moss arrow, Gas Arrow, Noisemaker Arrow, Rope Arrow, Vine Arrow, scouting orb, Flash Bomb, Explosive Mine, Flash Mine, Gas Mine, Explosive Charge, Frogbeast Egg. You can also jump to make a loud noise, or throw environmental items.

The Phantom Pain has, just to focus on stealth oriented items, The tranq gun (which will vary how long it takes to knock someone out based on where you hit), tranq sniper rifle, the cardboard box (which you can now pop out of to toss items or shoot, also stand up or crawl in), unlimited supply of bullet magazines for tossing as a distraction, C4 which can be remote detonated as a distraction, smoke, which gives visual cover and stuns people, stun grenades which actually stun people, sleeping gas grenades/mines, decoys that are remote activated (enemies will start to use these themselves), the stun arm which allows you to electrically shock targets, your various choices of camouflage as usual, stealth action camo, you can do melee attacks to take people down, knock your bionic arm to make noise drawing people, or grab them and drag them around before interrogating them, then knocking them out, you can hold enemies up much like in older games, even CQC them to take their weapon and hold them up, and of course the fulton recovery system for cleaning up bodies. There’s even a squirt gun you can unlock, which is uniquely useful for silently shorting out electronics equipment and putting out fire based lights.

There’s a lot of options and a lot of ways to use them. Missing a few of the older options like the porno mag, but it’s whatever. Also cool is that if you overuse certain types of approaches, the enemy will begin to deploy countermeasures, like putting helmets on the soldiers you headshot, gas masks if you use smoke, higher grade body armor, deploy decoys in their base, night vision goggles and flashlights if you attack at night a lot, and of course more powerful lethal weapons.

The levels are all part of a huge interconnected world, so for many areas you can infiltrate from a lot of angles. There are cliffs and walls and other terrain features limiting you in some ways, and the areas used for story related missions are frequently on the edges of the map where they can make it more linear using the cliff faces, they’re still a lot larger and more open than prior MGS games, with more enemies. Pretty sure more so than Thief games too.

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