2D vs 3D, what the mediums are “about”

What do you think of i-frame, auto-position, or dodge-in-place types of moves in 2D games? I’m thinking of stuff like Aces Wild and Alien Soldier here. 2D is about movement and positioning, so are these types of mechanics antithetical to the medium? I-framing and homeing moves are practically required in 3D because of wonky collision and imprecise viewing angles (2D screen and all), but what about 2D games? Also, Alien Soldier isn’t really the best example since the Zero Teleport isn’t exactly a true i-frame move and it’s not something you can mindlessly use, I was just using it to give you an idea of what I mean

2D isn’t “about” anything. Using invincibility in a 2d game is not antithetical to the medium in any way. Homing attacks are a problem in general if left unchecked. Don’t make statements on what a medium is “about”, it’s jumping to conclusions, presupposing an answer. There is what works, and what doesn’t work, and sometimes invincibility works. Smash Bros is 2d after all.

Homing attacks can be a problem in a manner similar to lock-on because they usually reduce depth in a scenario that has the potential for depth. I say usually because not all homing attacks are implemented the same, not all are guaranteed to hit, not all are guaranteed to hit at the same angle/time/situation, not all home in the same way. These differentiations can significantly affect the function of the homing attack.

Homing attacks work fine in some fighting games, like Melty Blood, and Dark Stalkers (the pursuit option on knockdown is more frequently used to tech chase rather than get bonus damage by using it slightly too late to connect).

If you have a use for these, then go ahead. If it works, if it has a valid function, then use it. If it can be used to create depth, then go ahead. There is no meaning or purpose to the medium.

Invincibility is not required in 3d games. Homing attacks are usually not required in 3d games. Invincibility is a design choice that makes sense for certain purposes, such as incentivizing waiting to dodge at the last possible moment, rather than getting out of the way at the first possible moment, or as an anti-grab option such as in smash bros, or as an alternate block option that allows you to whiff punish because you’re not being weighed down with blockstun. That type of wait til the last moment skill test is interesting in its own way, which is why Bayonetta went all out with it by implementing witch time.

Homing attacks in 3d games were a compromise in the early days of 3d controls when nobody really knew how they worked, since then people have realized how to implement 3d controls better, so they’re less necessary generally. Not that they were really that common in the first place. How many homing attacks are there? Sonic has one, who else? I’m drawing a blank. Lock-ons and snap-tos are still way more common.

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