How I’d Make an RPG

How would you make an (Videogame) RPG?

You know I literally have a design for a tabletop RPG (that could also work as a video game) that I’ve been working on, right? I got stuck because I couldn’t figure out how exactly the design space should be laid out, meaning, the ratios between different moves, the average damage and speed, the number of skills a character should have, the types of skills that should exist in the first place. I decided to work on the setting and come back to all that when I had a clearer idea of where I wanted the whole thing to go.

Though that’s technically a Tactical RPG.

One idea I’ve had forever was to basically rip off the penny arcade RPG (ATB charge all the time, menus allow you to queue attacks while anything is going on to essentially combo enemies), with Mario RPG style timed hit mechanics thrown in and more interesting options with more real tradeoffs.

Basically pillage every good JRPG idea ever, so probably the press turn system from SMT3 (gain extra turns for exploiting enemy weaknesses, passing turns, killing enemies, critical hits), the way you take less damage at low health from undertale, but heal the same amount always (and maybe pacifism, but a bit more involved, better feedback, some stats and perhaps strategy?), team order and attacks related to team order from dankest dungeon, the way enemies power up over time in Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World, fixed number of encounters and encounters being tied to the step counter directly from a bunch of games, have bosses autolevel you to the correct level if you fight them underleveled, XP tokens distributed so you level up to recommended level by killing every enemy in the level slightly more than once per enemy (these two inspired by Ys, though fixed enemy count might make it pointless), wandering monsters in dungeons and on the overworld that can be avoided with skill, and encounter type determined by land tile (a lot of games, but mostly zelda 2), let people stun or otherwise affect those overworld enemies chasing them (Tales series), speed affecting turn order and number of turns each character gets in turn order (so ludicrous speed could literally choke people out of turns if not stopped, which happened to me once in sands of destruction, my characters were all ludicrously OP, but one boss buffed his speed to infinity), skip on having a standard attack option and then MP costing spells completely (inspired by pokemon), spells that cost HP will only drain temporary HP that you get back after x number of turns if not hit (Persona 4 arena, SMT)

A bunch of those are conflicting, but whatever. I like making lists of these types of things so I can have them on hand.

Oh, and the tagline could totally be, “The RPG game where everyone has to die.” Have pacifism be the bad ending. Steal from Nier where in NG+ you can hear the thoughts of the enemies and it turns out they’re the bad guy all along & you did the wrong thing sparing them. Just for kicks.

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