Skullgirls Overview

What do you like about the game mechanics of skullgirls?

I decided to field this one to my friend from the previous ask, seeing as he’s the best skullgirl in ‘Straya, “my tl;dr of why i like skullgirls mechanics is because it’s a balanced vision of an unbalanced game with good mechanics(mvc2), every character is functional and viable, there is a very high skill ceiling due to the wealth of relevant mechanics that is unfortunately invisible to most competitive players, and there are very little redundant moves on characters”

What I’d personally say is, the buffer, the flexible cancel system, the ability to cancel any move’s startup into any move it validly cancels into, these make the combo system feel extremely smooth, like everything slides into one another, like the actual endpoint of each move has a little leniency.

They have a cast of characters with tons of original abilities per-character, and weird combinations of moves that somehow fit together into a coherent gameplan. Some characters are clearly missing things, like there’s no character with a good zoning game that also has a good invincible uppercut, to force you to fit those characters together on a team. Even the conventional characters try new things, like Filia is supposedly a shoto, but she has a ton of weird normals, a weak zoning game, and instant airdashes, Peacock plays a zoning game with hidden missiles that you can control at different zones, 3 little bombs that lock space down and more conventional projectiles (one is on a normal for some reason too). Eh, I’m not gonna go through describing the whole cast, just trust me that they’re pretty crazy.

Also cool is how there’s so many ways to link things into other things. Just today I went into training mode, and was like, “Maybe I could tiger knee a hairball with filia?” then I did it, realized MK would work better, and airdash canceled that into a, lowering them to the ground, with an j.HK as a restand. Apparently this is practically good for almost nothing (less good as an approach than instant airdash, because it skips to stage 3 when you enter the ground phase), so whatever, but there’s a lot of stuff like this in the system, you just see a possibility and maybe it works. The Undizzy system and adjusted IPS have forced combos to become a lot more efficient too rather than just the same loops over and over, and optimized combos these days look really cool.

That’s about all I got.

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