Worst Rival Battle: Dark Link

Rival battles (Vergil, Devil Hand) are usually one of the highlights of character action games. But what would you consider to be the worst rival battle(s) you’ve ever played and why?

Dark Link in OoT.

Check out how lame this is, for what’s presumably the average player. At 7:46 or so.

Link’s moveset wasn’t really designed with any type of counterplay in mind, so it’s not surprising that if you face yourself, you’ll end up with a really boring battle, especially since your swords clank on each other, and he’s scripted to attack when you do.

So it’s better to use attacks he can’t copy to cheese him, if that’s even cheesing, it’s practically a puzzle. You just need to use an attack in a position where it will hurt him but not you, and repeat until he dies.

This is a more comprehensive breakdown of how dark link works.

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