Psychonauts Overview

Thoughts on Psychonauts 2 getting a funding campaign?

If they have a solid platforming system again, and levels that actually take advantage of it, then it might be a solid game.

The speedrunner here sums it up really well at some point how he’d like more platforming and the like, and Tim acts like a total child the whole time.

The levitation flying glitch could be done without though, way too degenerate. Bunnyhopping could stand to have a small buffer period put in for jumps to make it slightly easier, like 4-10 frames. Make tricks like this easier:

But you know it’s gonna be a ton of adventure game + collectathon bullshit. That was one of the things I hated about psychonauts, the very deliberate telos of everything. You have all these figments you can collect in people’s minds to level up, cool. You have all these arrowheads you can collect to buy items, cool. Then they place barriers in your way that absolutely require these things. You NEED the cobweb duster, because certain cobwebs are completely impassable. You NEED the arrowhead finder, because the cobweb duster is so damn expensive (okay, this one is a bit less of a need). You NEED invisibility to get to Gloria’s dressing room, which means you NEED to collect all these fucking psi cores and figments to level up. It’s like no elements of the game are allowed to overlap in any way, everything that can be done has one strict way of doing it, a key that opens the lock. This means that rather than the collectathon bullshit being something additional, like hey, you unlocked the ability to launch enemies from afar, now you can juggle them with ranged attacks, now you have this crowd control ability, now you can zip forward, things that are nice to have and don’t totally overshadow the existing mechanics, but aren’t strictly necessary, you instead have these abilities that will do this one lock-and-key thing for you that you gotta have or this section is impassable. Screw that shit.

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