How Could a TMNT Game Play?

What mechanics do you think Platinum could use for their upcoming TMNT game?

I guess not weapon switching, since the turtles are pretty set in their weapon preferences. Maybe they could experiment with tag team stuff, a la sengoku basara or four swords adventure? Could take some inspiration from Ninja Gaiden perhaps, using projectiles to link juggle combos, guard breaking moves strategically sprinkled around each turtle’s moveset, and blocking + dodge out of block + counter attack out of blockstun? Also more command moves, less combo chains because I always ask for this and never quite get it.

I think they should avoid witch time, blade mode, wicked weave/vehicle finisher, and try something new. The main character/support character damage system from W101 would make sense here, only take real damage on the main character selected, other characters can get stunned and need to be picked up. All four characters could have separate health bars, maybe regen health akin to marvel or skullgirls when swapped out to keep people switching.

Maybe you can’t cancel, but you can switch in turtles at any time, while the previous one finishes their attack, which is effectively like a cancel. Allow some moves to be canceled late in their animations into shuriken to link combos together, have a lot of launchers be weak ones midcombo on some chains, so you gotta land some tight links to have it work.

We’ll see what they actually end up doing in like a year.

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