Killer Instinct Combo Assist Mode thoughts on this? Its a game’s solution to getting in new players.

I read about this on Shoryuken, and in part brought up the KI combo system on twitter recently because I read it. Reminds me of the L cancel trainer in 20XX and 20XX TE, but it lacks the feedback indicating you did the input correctly.

In this case I guess they genuinely managed to decrease execution difficulty without any penalty to the decision-making game. I can’t honestly think of a downside to this. Good on them. It only really works with a combo system like Killer Instinct’s of course, but it’s a clever move. Perhaps the only trouble with it is the way that the same button can do auto-doubles and linkers back to back, makes it a bit less clear what’s going to happen when you press a button.

It also begs the question of why players shouldn’t play with this on all the time. I don’t have an answer there.

I still think better singleplayer content that teaches people the game is still the best method of bringing people in. If you give people the tools to bootstrap their way up, similar to having a mentor on hand, then you can get them into the game. Otherwise it takes dedication, research, and putting your nose to the grindstone a bit.

(In regards to KI) the mode can mess up manual timing. Manuals can replace Auto doubles in Combos. It can also screw with other characters combo traits. Manuals need a certain amount of time connect or else they become an auto double, topping it off any linker placed after a manual must be the Same strength or weaker. (Heavy manuals make Light mid and heavy linkers, light manuals make light linkers only) The heavier the manual the tighter the timing and the easier it is to react. Though the upside is 1-frame link manuals have 1-frame break windows

Uh, reading this over, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect manual timing at all. Like, if you want to do a manual after a linker, I’m pretty sure you’re capable of doing that with this system, because it’s just a matter of linking the manual, rather than canceling the linker with it. I don’t really see how the manual restriction makes a difference here, because this system doesn’t affect the timing or framedata of any of the moves. I mean, your rhythm might be different pressing the buttons, but otherwise manual timing should be the same relative to the move.

The only real drawback of this system that I can see is that if you have more than 1 linker or ender on any given button, you can only use the one they chose for assist mode, which is especially important for enders, because the enders have all different functions, like damage, corner carry, ground bounce, meter building, etc. Not sure, but I also think you can’t use Shadow moves, which are useful for extending combos, and can be used at any point in the combo, not just as a linker.

Though I don’t play KI, so I really don’t know. I’m basing what I say off the guides I’ve read.

Yeah you’re right it doesn’t. I was unclear with my thinking. that post pretty much covers all concerns one could have about the combo assist system.

Yup. I read it.

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