Favorite Footsies & Worst FG trend

What’s your favorite footie game from a fighting game? How about your least favorite?

I’m not totally sure about my favorite, I like a lot of them, I’m leaning on either Garou Mark of the Wolves or Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Both of them get worse as you get better at the game unfortunately, due to parries and DP breaks/Guard Cancels, but I’m not at that level yet. I might want to get into Yatagarasu in the future because of its similarity to both of the above games, but I haven’t had an opportunity.

Third Strike just has a ton of great unique normals that are animated superbly. Garou has my favorite shorthop jump physics ever and normals that allow for crazy air to air combat.

Least favorite is Skullgirls right now. I feel a lot more limited in my ground movement in that game, even though I technically have more options than the above, and a lot of my neutral game feels really degenerate in comparison to what I do in third strike. A lot of crouching MK with Filia, instant airdash pressure, similar shit with big band, except get in close for mixup game into combo, projectile zoning with peacock/robo.

Maybe worse than that is SFIV, because the whole game’s pacing throws me through a complete loop, it’s a pain to adjust to, and the normals are a lot more uniform than third strike, as well as having less movement options than other games.

Oh, and I like Melee’s footsies, because Melee. I wrote a guide on them, they’re cool. Also Melee has the fastest actionable ground movement of any of these games.

What are some reoccurring trends in modern fighting games that you don’t like? For me, it’s comeback mechanics like x factor.

Sure, comeback mechanics, but also really the tendency to decrease walk speed. Why the fuck is the speed of your primary form of actionable movement so damn slow in newer fighters? A couple like Guilty Gear and KoF have runs forwards which is awesome, but if you ever want to move backwards, you either slow to a crawl, or need to commit to a full backdash.

I wrote down the following idea in my little game mechanic notebook recently:

“Fighting game with dedicated dash button that can be pressed to run a set distance, a la KoF, run can be interrupted with any attack, jump, or crouch at any point, or run in the opposite direction. Letting the full run play out without interrupting it will result in a short period (20 frames? 30 frames?) where you cannot run. You can’t block during it unless you press some other button or button combination while holding back, which expends a special block resource, like BB’s barrier gauge or guard primers.

Inspired by melee dash dancing, bit more flexible.”

Though honestly, bring back faster walk speeds. I miss them. I’m glad SFV is moving somewhat in the right direction here, even if it’s not nearly as fast as other games.

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