MTM: MGS3 Christmas in April

This is More than Mashing, a column on amazing demonstrations of skill in video games where I try to collect and showcase the best the net has to offer in skilled game playing and break it down so anyone can understand. This week I’m analyzing this japanese MGS3 video titled: Present From Santa Claus and another called Christmas Hotel Capsule Murder.

This video is one of my best arguments for games being capable of facilitating performance art. It’s ludicrously funny and creative in its application of MGS3′s wide range of mechanics and shows a real mastery of the stealth and detection systems to a level that is comical. For this one I opted to dub over the original video so that I could explain things as they happen instead of resorting to animated gifs like my FADC 2 article. The original videos are here and here.

It’s worth noting that he got the monkey mask from the ape escape minigame in MGS3 Snake Eater and that frankly I think he’s savestating a lot of this to predict so far ahead and control the AI so effectively.

Since this one is a bit light on techniques I decided to double up. I hope my commentary isn’t too redundant to the video’s content. This second video takes longer to get warmed up, but in my opinion showcases what’s possible in MGS3 way better.

What are your opinions on my video coverage? Is this format good? Too many bad jokes? Do you have any suggestions?

Do you have a video of someone doing something amazing in a video game? Send it my way in the comments and I’ll add it to my youtube playlists (Here, here, and here), and maybe break it down in the future. I love seeing things unlike what I have already, so if you have something unique please share it.

See you next time, the best is yet to come.

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