What do you think of Superhot?

Basically the same thing as super bunnyhop. It’s an interesting experiment without enough content. There could stand to be more weapons, more enemy variety, more levels.

Also less bullshit between levels.

Cool experience otherwise.

I’ve read your reasoning for disliking Super Meat Boy dozens of times, could you tell me why it doesn’t apply to SUPERHOT?

More options in every given encounter. You can move in a lot more directions, you have tools that can be used a bunch of different ways. All your weapons can be thrown, enemy weapons can be picked up, bullets can be dodged, there’s cover in the environment, katanas can slash through bullets.

I mean, I like Hotline Miami for much the same reason, and have stated such before.

Super Hot isn’t repeating the same few actions until you get it, there’s enough variation that you can perform levels significantly differently in many cases, unlike super meat boy.

Here’s the elevator level done really efficiently:

Here’s a guy beating the elevator level without firing a single bullet:

Elevator with a katana.

Here’s a guy beating the ballroom with only a katana:

and another efficient path through a level

My big complaint with the game was, there wasn’t enough content, and they didn’t go as crazy in the level design as they could have gone. The hotswap ability was great, but they only barely introduced it before the game was over. Hotline Miami was able to go a lot crazier with its level design before they wrapped up, like the hot and heavy level was awesome.

I’d give superhot like a 7/10 for that reason.

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