Favorite Difficulty Modes

What are your favorite hardest difficulty modes from the games you’ve played and why?

Thief’s Expert Mode (made the AI smarter and added more objectives), and I guess DMC4’s Legendary Dark Knight (also heaven and hell, and hell and hell)? Revengeance might count too (I prefer Very Hard personally, but Revengeance had 1000% enemy aggression, plus powered up perfect parries). I remember Order of Ecclesia’s hard, locked to level 1 mode to be really fun (NG+, enemies had more health). European Extreme in MGS3. Crysis’s “Delta” difficulty deserves a shout-out for the soldiers speaking in Korean. God Hard in Vanquish is also cool, but really I just love the name.

One of my favorites though is one I was developing for Dark Souls 1. I called it, “Hokuto No Souls”. I made it by combining the enemy aggression mods, the permanent gravelord mod, NG+7, and a mod I made that edited your fist damage to kill any enemy instantly. I was going to edit the weapon swap mod to force you to only use fists (and a claw in your offhand, both for variety and because lefthanded punches are really fast). This would be packaged in addition to a God Hand hud that I made by ripping graphics from God Hand. I also wanted to edit the damage of the weapon so it would scale with level so I could have it so bosses need to be hit a couple times before dying, and later areas wouldn’t totally outclass you.

So the idea is that everything kills you in one hit. You kill everything in one hit. You have only your fists. There are more enemies, and they’re all aggressive.

I planned on doing an LP of that when I finished it, but I never got around to it due to not knowing enough about coding in Cheat Engine.

I love it when games do something creative with their difficulty levels. Imagine a game that had a slightly different gimmick on each difficulty level, so you actually wanted to replay them all.

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