Thief 3: Deadly Shadows Review

Did you ever try Thief: deadly shadows? What do you think?

Yes. I think it’s good, but obviously not as good as the first two. It has % loot requirements in the levels rather than an arbitrarily chosen number, so playing on the hardest difficulty can frequently mean combing the level multiple times for that one little thing you’re missing, which is unfortunate.

I got stuck by a weird glitch where I’d be able to move in the falling state, sort of hovering along the floor, frequently.

There’s chairs that guards can sit in that totally block your ability to backstab them. This sucks.

Guards don’t perform psychic searches when they lose track of your position while investigating, so it’s a bit too easy to shake guards in investigation mode.

The Cradle level is super freaky. One of the best horror moments I’ve experienced in games, though I did play it when I was younger, in college.

No rope arrows. 😦

Way too many sleep and noisemaker arrows. Makes the levels really easy.

The combination 1st/3rd person control system functions really awkwardly in first person, because you’re still bound to your third person hitboxes and movement. You frequently need to switch to really understand what’s going on.

The locks always use the same few patterns, which you could say is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, observant players can notice this and pick locks faster, but on the other it becomes a memorization test instead of a skill test. Also the lock picking process is poorly explained.

The loading zones that cut up levels suck. Guards can’t chase you across them, so the contiguous areas that guards patrol are much smaller than the first two games, limiting both your movement and theirs.

I personally liked the hub world, but it was really limited in scope.

The inability to swim sucked.

Breaking out of prison when you get caught in the hub world was a cute idea, but it gets old after the first time.

Having gold and items stack across multiple missions maybe wasn’t the best idea, removes incentive to perform well on the next mission and lets you steamroll with a big inventory.

I can’t believe Thi4f seriously chose to take inspiration from this game over the other 2. It commits all the same mistakes but worse. I also can’t believe they decided to reboot it when Deadly Shadows had such a great sequel hook.

2 thoughts on “Thief 3: Deadly Shadows Review

  1. Gilgamesh310 November 8, 2016 / 12:50 am

    Do you not think the supernatural elements that the first game featured, got in the way a lot of the time? I felt there was far too many zombies that could rarely ever be stealthed past, and could only be killed through specific means. The levels with them weren’t half as good as the ones that just involved humans. Hence, I’d probably say the first game is the worst in the trilogy, despite having the best story. The second is easily the best.


    • Chris Wagar November 8, 2016 / 1:02 am

      I totally agree with that. I don’t know if I’d call the first game the worst in the trilogy however. I think I’d still lean on this one, Deadly Shadows, just because they screwed up a lot of stuff and Thief 1 does better in the parts where it plays to the formula better.


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