Favorite Glitches and Advanced Techniques

What are your favorite unintentional advanced techniques in videogames?

Aw man, there’s a ton.

Kick Glitching has to be up there, it’s really beautiful. There’s just a ton you can do with it. You can influence it’s trajectory based on a ton of factors, and even do different jumps off it.

Rocket Jumping and damage boosting in general is a classic.

Skiing in Tribes was the perfect trick for a game with maps and weapons like it has. Too Perfect.

The butterfly cancel in Gunz was amazing. Totally opened up the movement system.

Toggle escape and the toggle fallbreak glitch were great in Dark Souls. Parrywalking and Binoboost were great in dark souls 2, especially binoboosting.

I like how you can save your jump in metroid prime hunters then jump in the air if you didn’t previously. Scandashing is also great in Prime 1 (NTSC).

Not unintentional, but shine sparking is just great. Walljumping is implemented in a pretty neat way in that game too.

The sky high cancel in MGR felt great to pull off, but it was kind of shitty in that it was the most damage efficient option.

The 2in1 cancel in SF2 started a revolution. It was the perfect thing.

The item underflow “Soft Gameshark” glitch in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green is hilarious.

Strafejumping is a perpetual classic.

Accelerated Backhopping in the new source engine is a new-age classic.

Ori’s extended glides off bash if you release the control stick are great. Also like everything in that game. Infinite bash jumping is great too.

The ability to put away your sword in dishonored is small, but neat. (and makes you move faster) Also being able to abuse the vaulting mechanic to boost up certain walls.

Jump canceling is totally intentional in DMC, but whatever, it’s too cool. Sword Hangers are neat with vergil.

Backwards long jump in Mario 64 is great.

Bomb rodding in Link Between Worlds is neat.

Landing cancel in post-sotn castlevania games.

Snaking in Mario Kart DS and F-zero GX.

Frame 1 double jump during an airdash if you release a shot in MMX3.

cloning in starcraft, also patrolling with vultures to allow them to attack while moving.

Palm bomb jumping in Psychonauts.

LAM jumping in Deus Ex is cool as fuck, also pointless once you get the speed upgrade.

The MGR super jump is fun once you learn how to do it (and bind L3 + R3 to a single button)

The sword boost in Dark Messiah, coupled with bhopping, is cool as fuck.

all the icewall clips in rockman and forte

everything cool in Vanquish

And that’s all I got.

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