Changes to Fix Melee Weirdness

have you ever done a post on what system-wide mechanical changes you would do to Melee if you could?

I’m pretty sure I did that already, but I have more ideas, so I’ll do it again.

My changes would be extremely minor, like increasing leniency on backdash, increasing the range on the controller that is registered as a dash, increasing the shorthop window, remove reduced jump height for frame 1 attacks, allow canceling IASA frames with airdodge or B moves, allow reverse grab boxes to grab at the end of up B moves, fade out portraits and % when they overlap characters. Plus incorporate all 20XX TE changes for convenience. If I want a balance mod on top of this, I’d go with SD Remix. And add more neutral/counterpick stages as appropriate.

More extreme and not done before would be:
• Make characters both play the grab release animation if they grab each other on the same frame (happens extremely rarely, but removes a slight advantage of port 1, which can be set up for in some cases)
• Remove all port dependent physics effects (anything port dependent is dumb)
• The first few frames of airdodge with ledge invincibility can recatch ledge, but cancels any ledge or airdodge invincibility. (Many people, even top people do this, it’s dumb, they don’t really like it either, might as well prevent them from falling, but not give them a free ledgedash for screwing up)
• Remove knockback staling (It’s slight, but it’s there)
• More consistent nana behavior, whatever that might entail
• Make the effect on meteor cancel more noticeable
• Make jigglypuff’s rising pound lose height after 7 uses without touching ground
• Make peach bomber on walls lose height after 10-15 uses without touching ground
• make shield drop zone slightly bigger, basically the entire bottom corners, so people don’t have to mod their controllers to get shield drops.
• Remove phantom hits, they frustrate people (I was really on the fence about this, because there are a few legitimate uses of phantom hit, like some extremely powerful rest punishes, but by and large, they only crop up when people don’t want them, and people get annoyed when they happen, so it’s better to count them out I think. People react similarly to phantom hits with grab armor in PM (even though it’s in melee too), so the best solution is probably not having them deal damage in the first place (like the grab armor in Melee))
• Remove freeze glitch
• Orthographically project all hitboxes into 2 dimensions, then do the collision pass. (3d hitbox interactions are inconsistent and dumb)
• Move the forward ledge grab box slightly behind the character’s head, to reduce some of the dumbness on battlefield, or just enable the reverse ledgegrab box when you bonk your head.
• Remove invisible ceiling glitch or limit it to luigi, marth, roy
• In the case of a stock tie, have the player with lower percentage win on the results screen.
• Change sudden death mode to match the actual sudden death rules (1 stock, 2 minutes) and disable bob-ombs. Double sudden death resets to sudden death mode again until a winner is decided.
• Next hit at 300% auto-kills, even during a grab, to match current stalling rules, getting to 300% legitimately is improbable
• Add a real-ass combo counter, with black beat for hitting people who are in tumble, or catching their tech option. GG style instead of BB style, but light back up for every true link.
• Make a totally new animation for missed L cancels that is visually distinguishable. Or just flash red. Continue flashing white on success.
• Include the Third strike special fix for traded hits (both players displayed hitting on the freeze frame) and increase hitfreeze time for this specific case.
• Remove/reduce time after airdodge before ledgegrab boxes come out
• Make all kills off the top last the same amount of time.
• If you if you edge cancel a knockdown, lock out the ability to airdodge for 7-10 frames. (This should prevent those annoying scenarios where you try to shield or airdodge, but are too slow, get hit, then end up way offstage in a neutral air state and airdodge, completely dying instead of just being in a bad position. Since it’s limited to just airdodge, this shouldn’t interfere with amsa techs or crazy dual stick DI business.)
• Toggle tap jump under names, or directly on character select. If it’s under names, then include a name that has tapjump off.

• Make Master Hand work properly on exiting a match.
• Add a fuckton more training mode features than 20XX has, and if I’m not limited by what’s possible in melee hacking, a real menu for it.

To list all the training mode options I’d add:
• Save States
• CPU recording and playback
• Setting specific or random tech options, or a combination
• Allowing out of shield recording and playback options.
• Setting different DI options, Random, DI in, DI out, DI in a specific direction.
• Set SDI direction and amount.
• Programmable recovery playback (harder than just recording inputs).
• Setting character specific random options to specific values when the character is in the match, like setting peach to always get stitchface.
• Framedata display for the move that was just used. Show the startup time, knockback, frame advantage, attack angle, defender held direction, and resulting trajectory angle.
• hitstun display, have hitboxes change to reddish orange for tumble hitstun, orange for non-tumble hitstun. Maybe a little meter by their feet that depletes as they have less frames remaining of hitstun.
• CPU AI that isn’t dumb and actually recovers correctly, always hitting the sweet spot.
• Option to set respawn to instant
• Add new CPU behavior, evade
• option for dummy to mash out of grab/sleep as fast as possible, or not at all
• Set shield tilt direction and amount, density, as well as starting health, whether it takes damage, and reset interval from last hit.
• Option to have characters with charge moves to start with them always fully charged
• Set CPU level in-game
• Zoom the camera out more if playing with one character.
• Option to set maximum damage %, including option to reset to the regularly set % when max is reached.

• plus all the other 20XX hackpack training features.

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