Stealth Beat ‘Em Up Pitch

Metal Gear Rising tried to combine hack and slash gameplay with stealth and most folks weren’t too keen on it. What do you think people could do to make this combination work?

I think it would work with kind of a Far Cry or Crysis style approach, where you move into and out of stealth as you attack enemies. Would require levels that let you escape into cover and move behind enemies.

Here’s my pitch: Imagine pac-man or bomber-man shaped levels from a top down perspective. Similar to the vulcan raven fight in MGS1. You have a bunch of pillars or other forms of cover with ways around them. A few more open areas as well.

So the basic idea is, move around undetected from cover to cover, get behind the enemies that are patrolling around and smash them for a bit. They have some basic close range combat skills, so you could have like a mini fight MGR style, however after sustained combat, they’re no longer flat-footed and soon become overwhelmingly powerful, and you gotta move back into cover quickly then stealth around to get the drop on them again.

So it’s like you burst out of cover, stab their back, move back into cover, run around to their other side, burst out, rinse and repeat. And you can press the advantage with some basic beat em up style combat before they just wreck you. At a distance they could probably have guns or something to mow you down with if you decide to not take the stealth seriously. Backstabbing them could temporarily disable their guns, so you get that short chance to do normal beat em up style fighting, then they get their shit together and you need to get back into stealth or you get fucked up.

Beyond that, you could get a stealth action camo thing that can be activated when no one is observing you, and breaks when you get spotted/shot or when you attack the dude.

Imagine it’s sorta like this gif, except if all the guys tag teaming were the same guy, quickly moving around the target.


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