Is CS:GO good?

Is CS:GO good? Do you know of any better multiplayer FPSs on PC that are worth sinking 1,000 hours into?

Reflex? Quake Live? Unreal Tournament? Tribes? Overwatch?

I mean, most of those have dead communities, but it happens.

I think CS:GO is good. It’s kind of the baseline for a better than average multiplayer FPS.

Defuse is a good game mode, the maps are generally really good for the style of game it is. They’re hallways punctuated by wider spaces with decent saturation of cover of varying types. Some cover can even be shot through.

Defuse is nice because there’s a fair amount of situations that can go on just based on the game mode, you can have Terrorists plant at bomb site A or B. The bomb can go off successfully, the bomb can be defused. All the terrorists can be killed, all the counter terrorists can be killed. The bomb can be passed between multiple terrorists as they each die.

Flashbangs are cool, smoke grenades are cool, molotovs are cool, fake grenades are cute. All of these control space in different ways which is nice. And people work out crazy precise setups to throw them to specific spots on the map from specific spots, so you can hit people in remote places to fuck them over.

The gun bullet spray patterns are largely deterministic, making CS way more fair than other shooters. You can point at the opponent and click on them to shoot them. It’s a revolution. The size of the spread and recoil increases as you are moving faster, so slowing down is helpful, but not totally necessary. There’s still a tiny bit of randomized bullet spread on top of the deterministic spread and recoil patterns.

So it’s a game where you can run around, shoot people, have some tactical encounters with a fair amount of variety, without the baggage of regen health, iron sights, or randomized bullet spray. It’s kind of simple, but it does what it does better than its competitors and it’s kinda neat. It’s not my favorite game, but I’d say it comes out as good.

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