What Would An FPS Game by Platinum Look Like?

What would a FPS made by Platinum look like? Assuming it was made for a mouse in mind unlike Vanquish

Funny, I was thinking about how to build an FPS combo system this morning. I don’t think they’d ever make something like my idea though (involves a lot of subtle manipulation of hitstun values in a weird way no other game does). Suibriel, the Desync Dev, suggested it would be like Painkiller + Vanquish, which makes a lot of sense (though I didn’t play Pankiller yet, but I know it’s about fighting waves of enemies in arenas, much like platinum games).

That or it would end up like Demonsteele (which I also have yet to play):

I don’t think a platinum FPS would have bunnyhopping. They don’t have that same legacy, and plat have never implemented a physics trick that subtle before. They go for way more overt and clear things, like witch time, parries, BM canceling, jump canceling, dodge offset, etc. Vanquish had time slow, reload canceling, and the rocket knees. If they make a new advanced technique, it would be a step beyond other games, but also very clear and obvious. The game as a whole wouldn’t be too innovative and would likely stick to a lot of existing trends, because platinum don’t rock the boat.

I think they’d probably go for a 3 button scheme, Shoot, Grenade, Melee. All 3 of the main mouse buttons. They’ve included fast weapon swapping in bayo and transformers, so it’s not totally reaching that they’d implement it again, probably also canceling whatever action you’re doing.

Grenade would probably cost from a meter like bayo’s magic meter, would probably have short startup and long recovery, so you could weapon swap to cancel it (and shoot the grenade to blow it up with a bigger blast radius and damage).

Melee attacks would probably have a few different strings, Nero style, distinguished by delayed taps, again cancelable with weapon swapping. A sensible idea would probably be that you have a bunch of ranged and melee weapons that are paired together, so every time you switch, you’re switching both the melee and ranged attacks. Many melee attacks would probably give you momentum forward as you do them. Throw in charged melee too, and a mix of ranged weapons with burst fire, sustained fire, charge shots on some. Repeating fire ranged weapons could even have charge shots like Dante’s in DMC.

Enemies would likely resemble doom enemies more than anything if platinum was sane, or their more melee oriented vanquish enemies. Slow projectiles, melee attacks similar to their other games. You’d have a dodge move, likely similar in animation to . If they really wanted to stay true to form, then you’d have health recovery powerups and receive a rank penalty for using them, and a rank bonus for no damage. If hitscan enemies are included, there’ll be a ninja run function, or they’ll have an interruptible startup before each shot, which will be dodge-able.

Enemies would probably get the platinum standard hit reactions, spread out across weapons and combo chains.

Yeah, that makes sense.

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