Most Insane Challenge Runs

What are the most insane challenge runs anyone can do from different videogames?

I mean, I could think up a bunch, but that’s not so hard. Instead I think I’ll link to the craziest ones I’ve seen.

God hand, fresh KMS, no cheese, no continues

Given how hard a time I had with Ludwig, this is fucking insane. (though looks like he exclusively waits for one totally safe opening each time, which is kinda lame)

This one is also pretty nuts, no healing, no bonfire:

Guitar Hero controller run, starting to get silly.

The Half Life hard scriptless category is a bitch. Hard is faster because more self damage for bigger boosts. Also it’s single segment, so if you die, you need to start the whole run over. Most people run this category RTA because it’s so hard. I’ve tried learning HL1 and it’s just a plain hard game to run.

Mark of the Ninja, New Game, Nonlethal ghost, No OoB

European Extreme Foxhound rank (no silencer)

I wanna be the guy impossible difficulty (no checkpoints)

I wanna be the Boshy (no checkpoints)

Undertale, no hit 1.5 speed. (undyne the undying and sans are crazy)

Doing this in Tetris:

F-Zero GX Very Hard Snaking

DMC4 Hell and Hell

Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja No Damage

Ikaruga Hard, S++ rank

Ikaruga Solo Co-op

>seriously playing this matchup

Halo 2 Legendary Zero Shots

Halo 1 Legendary Zero Shots

Vanquish God Hard, No Death, no DLC (waiting on Zaarock for the speedrun version)

Doom UV Pacifist

Touhou Pacifist runs

I once beat MGR on very hard with no upgrades and wooden sword that was max upgraded.

Ryu fighting Alma with only wooden sword and his kick

Halo Legendary All Skulls On (LASO or Mythic)

Super Mario Low Score

Metroid Fusion 0%

Metroid Zero Mission low% Hard

Doom Tyson Style (fist only)

Contra: Hard Corps – No weapon 1CC (Red Falcon path)

Trials of a Doomgod

Megaman No Damage, Buster only, No Miss

Ganondorf Challenge (I tried this, and it’s hard. I ken combo’d ganon at like 300% and he survived.)

Day[9] Funday Mondays:

Starcraft 2 Co-op with 10 mutators on at once on the highest difficulty

Bayonetta: Non-Stop ∞ Climax Pure Platinum

One thought on “Most Insane Challenge Runs

  1. Nick R January 15, 2017 / 2:09 pm

    I think some of the GoldenEye and Perfect Dark LTK/Dark LTK individual level runs (in which you set enemy health, damage, accuracy and reaction speed to their maximum settings) are worth mentioning:

    Silo Dark LTK is generally considered the hardest, largely because of the timer:


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