Why I’m not Fond of Smash 4

How come you are not fond of Smash 4?

First off, grounded movement is fucked. In any normal game, you’re allowed to move left and right unimpeded. In fighting games this is especially important because you want to move into and out of your opponent’s range to bait attacks. In Smash 4 you can walk, which requires a turnaround animation before you can walk the other way, or you can dash, which either only lets you dash dance in an extremely small range, or locks you out of changing direction until you’ve moved far enough to get the long turnaround. In Melee, you have the same restriction on walking, but dash dancing lets you move back and forth in any interval at any time, thereby allowing you to footsie like in street fighter, or really any other game. Smash 4 has this irritatingly limited movement system that forces you to engage in these longer animations to change directions.

Next up, Defensive options are ridiculously good for no fucking reason. They’ve thankfully nerfed shield stun, I don’t really know where that sits right now, it used to just mean free shieldgrabs all day, but dodges are still super invincible as well as fast, making them difficult to punish on reaction, requiring a prediction instead. This means that they no longer need to be timed to escape pressure and can be thrown out without much risk.

Then on top of that, DI is completely fucked. They kept the stupid angular DI system from brawl, then tacked vectoring on top of it, and made vectoring crazy more powerful. Thankfully they realized that was horrible and removed vertical vectoring, but they left in horizontal vectoring, making it so everyone survives to fucking insane percentages on the left and right sides of the screen. This also means that the DI system as a whole is simplified, since if you’re sent upwards, you should hold left or right, and if sent to the sides, you hold the opposite side. It’s generally beneficial to just hold left or right primarily rather than all the different directions you’d need to in the other smash games. Plus they nerfed SDI into oblivion for no real reason, and since that fucks up the counterplay on rekka ken type moves (like rapidjabs or marth’s dancing blade), they nerfed all those moves and gave rapidjabs a finisher so you can’t trap anyone in them, since it’s no longer possible to SDI out.

They thankfully limited the dumb ability in brawl to cancel hitstun, but it’s still in the game, just you can cancel after 41 frames instead of like 13. This contributes to people surviving forever, because knockback is no longer sustained when you’re in a regular freefall state. This feature is still dumb and anti-competitive, limiting combo length

Then they gave everyone a crazy good recovery and magnet hands, so why even bother with on-stage ledgeguards? And got rid of edgehogging, so you don’t need to time when you cover the ledge, or judge whether your opponent will go high, low, or stall. It’s simplifying the offstage game and removing some basic counterplay.

Plus moves have longer fucking landing recovery times than Brawl in many cases. Wow, I can understand not bringing back L canceling, since that’s hard, but giving moves such stupidly long recovery times on the ground is absolutely awful. It slows down the pace of the game and prevents a lot of combos. Sure, there’s autocanceling now, but that serves a different and more restrictive role in combos and general neutral.

And the controls are totally fucked, because they didn’t make the C-stick its own macro function for smash attacks and aerials yet again (they did this in brawl too), instead making it press a direction and the A button for one frame, which leads to dumb shit like not being able to control yourself in the air if a c-stick direction is held (or vice versa, I don’t remember), or not being able to smash attack in the same direction the control stick is held.

In general they made the same fuckup as last time where different buttons with overlapping functions aren’t registered by the game independently, because the programmers don’t give a shit.

Oh, and a ton of advanced techniques were taken out, even from Brawl, but that’s really the smallest issue compared to everything else.

Plus they nerfed SDI into oblivion[….][…]since it’s no longer possible to SDI out Can you please elaborate/explain on this a bit? I don’t own Sm4sh, but I did notice watching videos that a lot of jabs are finisher, and I don’t understand why


Here’s two different explanations of Smash DI, or SDI for short. 64 players call it “PI” or “Positional Influence” which is a better name for the phenomena honestly.

Basically, when you get hit, you enter hitlag before hitstun and knockback. Hitlag is a few freeze frames where the character is frozen in place before they start moving. Hitlag is different per-move. During this state, every time you press a cardinal or ordinal direction on the control stick, you will move a tiny bit, when you exit the state, if you are holding a direction on the control stick, you will be shifted a bit in that direction automatically (called ASDI). C-stick will take priority for this if it is also held when hitlag ends.

The effect of SDI is slight, but it can matter. It especially matters in escaping multi-hit moves, because during a multi-hit you have many chances to SDI over and over again. A common example of this is rapidjab type moves, like Fox, or Captain Falcon’s. If they hit you with one of those, then you can mash the control stick to get out.

So Smash 4 removed SDI, or nerfed it into irrelevancy. Many people were unsure on release, I’m pretty sure it’s still in the game but extremely weak right now. What does this mean? It means that all multi-hitting moves just got a massive buff. It means if you ever get your opponent up against a wall and use a rapidjab, that’s an infinite right there.

So they had to add finishers to all the rapidjabs, otherwise you’d have a cast with easy wall infinites. That’s probably also why they changed Pit’s Side B from how it was in Brawl.

Why’d they do this? Probably because they’re anti-competitive fucks, and considered SDI too hard for the average joe.

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