Best Animations I’ve Ever Seen

Heard you’re an animator. I have to ask, what is some of the most impressive animation you have ever seen, whether it’s from a video game, anime, or just some Youtube video.

Redline. 7 years. All Hand Drawn.

3rd strike.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (I have the book with all the pencils in it. The final fight with lord genome had like, twice the number of key frames as an ordinary anime)

Cowboy Bebop

This, which I haven’t bothered to look up the name for.

All of the post-sotn castlevania games have really beautiful animation for the main characters.

Happy Harry is fucking ridiculously good.

A lot of animations in SFV are amazing (also the way they smoothly blend command grabs is fucking beautiful)

FLCL had this:

Nichijou was a masterpiece:

King of Fighters always had great animation

Vanquish is pretty great all around:

Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion made amazing use of subpixel shift for super subtle pixel animations:

Kekkai sensen, also known as blood battle blockade

Animatrix: World Record

Mirror’s Edge has amazing animations:

Every smash game except 64 has superb animations

Dark Souls

Have some ugly interpolation on Thief and The Cobbler (which is fucking phenomenal animation-wise):

For that matter, everything from golden age warner brothers and disney. It’s all fucking nuts. Also Batman The Animated Series.

Since you like animation, whatdo you think of 1960’s Superman?

I love the animation, though the plots are kind of basic, and Clark Kent gives that shiteating grin at the end of every episode. I watched them as a kid, and again in animation history class. That period (1940s and 1960s) was really a golden age for animation like none after it.

Also Who Framed Roger Rabbit was fucking excellent.

And I already follow that channel you linked. I like their content.

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