Marth’s Throw Followups

What’s the best way to use Marth’s throws in Melee/PM? As in, a couple of good examples for each throw? I often end up just using uthrow

Alright, I’ve mapped out Marth’s throw combos and setups rather thoroughly. Basically, Fthrow gets the most frame advantage, dthrow is like a reverse Fthrow with a worse angle and worse advantage time, bthrow is nearly useless, uthrow gets guaranteed combos on all applicable characters. Combos are not guaranteed with any other throw, except fthrow under specific circumstances. So Uthrow is your respect option. It gets the worst followups (on most characters), but it’s guaranteed regardless of their DI. All of Marth’s throws are so fast that they’re unreactable. It’s hard to react to how fast marth can grab and throw you, it’s impossible to react to which throw he decides to use. Uthrow is great on spacies. Fthrow and Dthrow are great on floaties. I recommend dthrow for super heavy characters. Bthrow is good for sending people onto platforms when you want to do platform setups at high percentages and almost nothing else.

The first thing to learn is the fthrow chaingrab. If you fthrow a floaty character, like marth, peach, sheik, etc, it is possible to regrab them before they hit the ground, and do it again. Downside, this can be escaped if they DI down and away (mostly down, slightly away). It can be escaped even at 0%, so it’s not guaranteed unless they fuck up their DI. However the first time you grab and throw them in a combo, they usually will have trouble reacting to the throw, and will not DI properly, allowing you one chance to chaingrab them. So many marths will combo fthrow, regrab, then uthrow. Below like 7% or so, the Fthrow does not do enough knockback to knock the opponent down, so they will land on the ground standing. So below those percentages, you can get a super free regrab that even works on fox and falco. If they know about this, they can buffer a roll or spot dodge to evade or punish your grab, so watch out for high level opponents. If the opponent does not DI or DIs in, then it’s not only possible to regrab, but also fsmash. If they DI out and are being thrown offstage, then you can catch them with a dash attack, which gets another guaranteed followup. If they are being thrown offstage and DI in, you can spike them right there. So in that scenario you have guaranteed combo options off fthrow on floaties. Versus jigglypuff and other low gravity characters, even if they DI out correctly, you can fthrow pivot fsmash to get guaranteed followups.

Next, dthrow. This always does enough knockback to knock down. That means it sets up tech chases rather well on all characters, and on floaties it acts as a DI trap for the fthrow. If they DI to get out of the fthrow and you Dthrow them, you can fsmash them. On jigglypuff you pivot fsmash on correct DI as well. Dthrow has a worse angle than fthrow and less frame advantage, but the two together can be mixed up between to catch opponents. Dthrow gets the most damage, and is good for tech chasing heavies like Falcon.

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