Speedgames Ruined by the Patch

What speed games got ruined the most by update “fixes”?

I’d say either Dark Souls 2 or Bloodborne.

Bloodborne had the forbidden woods skip right at the beginning of the game, which involved a boost jump off a coffin, which I fucking love performing. This broke the game in half, and resulted in me hard locking the game, making my file impossible to complete, by fighting amelia out of order, but I got to fight her and eileen the crow at the end of her questline simultaneously, and after dying a lot, took them both out in the same go. This skip added a lot of nonlinearity to an otherwise rather linear game, and I dislike that they removed the ability to throw gascoigne out of bounds too. It was really tricky to set up and is a really unique quick kill method.

Dark Souls 2 though, it had 2 big tricks that defined everything, Binoboosting, and parrywalking. Binoboosting let you do this tight input of like, looking through the binoculars, rolling, and attacking at the same time to run really super fast for about 5 seconds. Parrywalking let you run in midair and run through walls, except it left your character model behind, so it was like an out of body experience, but the camera follows your character model, only catching up when the wall is cleared. These made for some awesomely whacky shenanigans in what’s now called Broken%, and binoboosting sped up all bosses by a lot (and it’s a longer category than the dark souls 1 version). Unfortunately, the DLC came out, so all bosses needed to be played on the current patch in order to actually defeat all the bosses, meaning no more binoboosting, and they nerfed hexes and maces by a lot, reducing the competitions between different routes. There wasn’t much use for parrywalking in all bosses, since major sequence breaking wasn’t really necessary, and doing minor sequence breaks with it wasn’t worth the time it took to set the trick up. I think it could have been useful in the undead crypt to get to king vendrick a bit faster, but the category didn’t last long enough for that to ever come to pass.

Shoutouts to Ori and the Blind Forest for not fixing ANYTHING in the conversion to definitive edition, and in fact adding new shit, placed early in the route. Ori and the Blind Forest was made for speedrunners and has left all speedrun friendly glitches in the game across every patch.

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