How do you feel about Nero in DMC4 in terms of playstyle?

I like the integration of back to forward commands, I feel like it adds an interesting kinaesthetic component to his playstyle.

The really key thing about Nero is that to make up for not having the weapon variety dante has, they made his commands a bit more straightforward and augmented his abilities in a few ways. Like his charge shots exploding, that’s cool, devil trigger letting you cancel anything and being a small burst, that’s cool. The table hopper dodge, also cool. The devil bringer obviously seems like it’s a gap closer a lot like dante’s trickster style teleport. Since his air dash has an attack at the end, you need to rely a bit more on jump canceling to get damage off it. Seeing as he can attack in the air without any style business, he has a more straightforward air game that incidentally leads players to try jump canceling, leading them into the advanced option, basically because of the air dash thing.

The trouble I have with Nero is that he lacks in options. He doesn’t have any good ranged options besides charge shot 2 and 3, and those take a long time to charge. His normal shots are only good for extending combos, his devil bringer does no real damage. This means he kinda sucks against cloaked enemies and blitzes because he has to wait for the charge shot to go through before he can actually fight them. (though devil buster and bringer are both rather effective on cloaked enemies). Dante meanwhile can get the cloak off those enemies instantly by teleporting at them, and doing DT rain storm. Against Blitzes, Dante has Drive on rebellion, charge shots, lucifer swords, honeycomb shot, fireworks on rebellion, royal guard parries and royal release.

With Nero it feels a lot like there’s a “right” way to play, with Dante it feels a lot more improvisational. with Nero you constantly hold down the charge shot, with Dante you don’t need to. With Nero you hit L2 after every single attack with the perfect timing. And so on.

I think Nero is designed pretty alright though. I like him more than MGR Raiden, or Bayonetta honestly. And that has to do with him having a lot of command moves. He does have more dial combos on account of the creators trying to get more out of just one button on one weapon, I feel like this isn’t an approach that is very enticing to most people, but having the number of distinct command moves he does is helpful to people getting into the game for the first time, less memorization. Or rather, it’s easier to remember. That and I personally prefer that style of design over its competitors using nothing but dial combos.

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