Smash 4 Deserves Respect

Thoughts on this video?

This is the moron who made the “Melee is a Beautiful Accident” video. I’ve been meaning to make a response to that crap, because it’s ignorant.

I’m proud of the crowd chanting Melee. I don’t think Smash 4 deserves respect. Smash 4 went way over time. Smash 4 had its own stream, but top 8 had to happen on the melee stream and it was completely boring.

I don’t think the smash 4 scene deserves respect, I don’t think smash 4 apologists like this guy deserve respect. He’s saying Smash 4 is more calculated, it isn’t. There’s a common fallacy among morons to say that a slower game is more tactical/calculated/strategic/intellectual. It’s bullshit. It stems back to an old notion of dumb jocks who play fast games like football or basketball, versus smart nerds who play slow games like chess. Melee has more complex decisionmaking that hinges on more factors. The players have more options and more ways to use the options given to them.

None of the things he describes as strengths of Smash 4 are missing from Melee or Project M. “You have to make certain reads so you can land a certain move and follow it up.” Like this isn’t routine in the other smash games. “A lot of it is happening in the mind of the player” Like this isn’t in the other smash games too without being boring to play or watch. He doesn’t know about the neutral game, because describing the smash neutral game, compared to other fighters, is really fucking hard, because it’s really fucking weird. In slower paced fighters, what this guy doesn’t understand is, in the neutral game, you can’t really attack, because attacking is really unsafe, if you aggress then you get punished, so characters instead jockey over getting a position where they can attack safely and throw out safe ranged attacks. In a slower game you can see everything coming before it happens, so you have a lot less of people throwing things out simultaneously and a lot more of people hanging back and camping. This is a similar situation to what went on in the transition to Street Fighter 4 (though nowhere as bad).

He admits in the video that he’s not into melee, and he’s considering picking it up. He’s operating from a stance of ignorance, and deserves to be ignored.

Melee to Smash 4/Brawl is like Street Fighter Third Strike to Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. I’m not going to respect people who push that shit. Far as I’m concerned, they’re sellouts or fools who are only in it because it’s the newest game or because they’re hoping to make money off pushing an inferior product.

Melee’s no accident, and anyone who comes at it from the standpoint that it is will never be able to address a situation like this accurately.

And someone tell this asshole to make his points more concisely. He meanders around the topic like a drunk guy at new years. Also to cut the damn machinima in his other videos, it makes me cringe.

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