Any companies that you wish to see improve?

Any companies that you wish to see improve in terms of quality games and business models?

All of them. I’d like to see people across the board step it up. A bit more specifically than that, I’d like to see Nintendo, Valve, Platinum Games, Capcom, and From Soft step it up.

Nintendo has a ton of great IPs under their belt, but they’ve basically fucked up in managing them. On all fronts they seem to be mismanaging their assets and not playing to their strengths. If they can’t make games that leverage the Wii U’s controller and are actually fun/profitable then they’re fucked.

Valve has fallen short on the gamedev side and they generally seem to be growing more evil by the day as a publisher/distributor. I hope they put the consumer’s interests first soon or we’ll be in trouble and the market might fall out from under them.

Platinum need to stop being losers. Sure, we love them but they never sell well in part because they always have these ridiculous setbacks, like the chain combo systems that nobody wants to deal with, QTEs, Shop systems that encourage grinding, a reputation for making hardcore games, just to throw out some guesses. I think their games could be better and better connect with audiences at large, but I’m no marketing guy.

Capcom are idiots who need to stop milking their customers. They’re generating a lot of ill will for their DLC bullshit, they need to show people that they care and provide value for their customers or they will die. it’s especially dangerous to focus on japan only and mobile like they have, they don’t have IPs that can leverage mobile very well and they have a ton of games that would succeed outside japan.

From are cool, but Dark Souls 2 was a failure from a marketing perspective. They need to keep their shit together and stick to the plan, weed out the big mistakes they keep making each game and stick to improving on Dark Souls’ formula, because it was their best selling game and in my opinion best overall.

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