TF2 Remarks and Ideas for Improvement

Do you like TF2? Hats/gambling aside I think it’s a briddy good shooter

It’s alright. Not bad. Like 3/5 territory. Kinda simple. Some classes have some cool stuff like pyro’s reflect, soldier and demo’s explosion jumping, scout being scout.

I think TF2 would be better if every class moved twice as fast and there was a crit queue system, so as to make crits deterministic instead of random. I wanted to test it, but wasn’t able to mod the classes to move faster than scout. There’s like a hard speed limit. I think some people have gotten around it, but I couldn’t figure out how.

Otherwise, characters move at a reasonable speed. There’s no iron sights. Everyone has a couple weapons. Cool.

Now my crit queue system idea is basically this: kill someone, and a crit gets queued up for later, much like Engineer’s revenge crits off the Frontier Justice. Kill assists queue a mini-crit instead of a full crit. It will deploy after a certain delay period, like 30 seconds to a minute or even 2 minutes. I didn’t really work out a good timing. Once that time is up, your next attack will be a crit. You can speed this up by dealing damage. Ideally the system is tuned to dispense crits more or less at the same rate as they currently come out. The primary difference is that crit dispensing will be more regular, less sporadic, and you cannot crit without killing someone first.

Currently there’s some balance issues, demoman is a bit too powerful, medic is definitely too powerful. This stems from the high level of lethality in the game versus the movement speed. You can kill people really fast, so it’s easy to stymie progress. Medics can overheal (and just plain heal), making it harder to kill people, so they can actually push. The competitive format has restricted the number of demomen and medics for this reason forever. Overwatch has the same deal, medics are the best characters in the game with mercy and lucio.

This is why I think the characters could stand to move about twice as fast. It’s harder to kill people who move faster. It’s easier to play aggressive and bypass enemy blockades when you move faster. Maybe scout doesn’t need to be twice as fast, but whatever. It could solve a core issue with the game and maybe lessen the reliance on medic and demoman.

I tried making a TF2 Turbo mod, but eh, couldn’t get it to work.

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