Good Ideas from Bad Games

What are some good ideas from bad games that you would like to see more dev’s implement in the future?

I called Nier good overall, but something I loved about it was the way that killing an enemy grunt would cause it to drop blood, which refilled your magic. This meant that you could kill grunts during boss battles to get ammo to fight the boss back, or even kill them right before you started charging so it could overcharge your magic meter, allowing you to shoot more than your maximum of dark lances or dark hands. Also the regenerating health unless you hit a timed weak spot was a pretty good idea, and bullets you can shoot down integrated with ones you can’t.

Batman Arkham Asylum. Having the guards go back to back was a really great idea. Bombing the gargoyles wasn’t a terrible idea.

Dishonored, basically all the powers, especially blink.

Legacy of Kain, getting shunted to the spectral realm when you die.

Psychonauts, levitate, palm bomb jumping. Great abilities.

Zeno Clash, that fucking strong punch’s momentum. That was godlike.

Mighty No 9, weakening enemies to a certain point, then hitting them with a special attack (the dash) right there, and being careful not to hit them past the point where they’re weakened. (trying to just barely push them over the point of weakening and not one hit further)

Planescape Torment, best meme.

Thi4f, swooping.

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