Critic Review Roundups

Here’s a list of articles where I’ve reviewed or commented on other critics, for easy reference:
Matthew Matosis in General
Matthew Matosis on DkS2
Extra Credits is bad.
Matthew Matosis: Still Incompetent
Dark Souls: Those Silver Knight Archers
What’s Wrong With Sequelitis?
Game Soup’s RNG Vid
Extra Credits on Difficulty
Going Full-Sirlin
Jim Sterling
PBS Game Show
Super Bunny Hop on The Witness
Joseph Anderson on Dark Souls
Game Maker’s Toolkit Review
Rami Ismail Indie Keynote
Story Beats Bastion Review
Extra Credits: Too much “Game” in Game Design?
Castlevania 3 Level Design Counter-Analysis
Novacanoo Crash Bandicoot Reply
Matthew Matosis DMC Joint Commentary (Not Too Bad Edition)
An Arthouse History for Games
Review: Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design by Joris Dormans
Dark Souls 3 Reviewers: Let Them Die
Full Sirloin
Into the Maelstrom
Other Good Game Critics
Criticizing Critics
Critic Roundup
Critic Review Roundup
Critic Review Roundup Again
Critic Review Roundup: A New Hope
Critic Review Roundup: Pearls Before Swine