Gunz 1 to 2


Okay, Gunz Remake, cool. It would be cool if Gunz 2 had a good remake. Gunz 1 could use some filling out. So lets go over this.

“2) General Balance – Removing immediate block after slash They want to make the new user-friendly so they chose to remove BF, DBF because it’s too overwhelming on the new users.”

“2) Weapon level rework – No level requirements for weapons There will be no level requirement to use weapons but will encourage leveling through max weight (higher level unlocks higher level rings that give greater max weight etc)”
Why even have levels? Why not just balance all the equipment around one level instead of letting some people have blatantly better equipment. This isn’t really a tradeoff per se, most of the higher level equipment is flat number buffs.

Oh, seems they have a classic server mode except they’re increasing weapon switch delay to nerf K-Style.

This is the wrong fucking approach, don’t nerf the thing that kept your game popular for like, forever, the big claim to fame. BUILD ON IT, AND ADD EASIER SHIT FOR PEOPLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT IS NOT OVERPOWERED.

Take a cue from like, I dunno, vanquish or some shit, cook up some new advanced tech for guns, give them a new dash or something. Like imagine if you could super run by double tapping with guns instead of doing the lame roll. You could maybe dash dance a lot like in smash bros, switching super run directions frequently to move around at crazy speeds in all directions. So then you get crazy air movement with shotguns, you get crazy ground movement with other guns. Have it so you accelerate more the longer you run, like maybe taking 2-4 seconds to reach max speed. Shotgun users need to switch off to sword a lot to get DPS, so they can’t take advantage of this. Also have dash momentum inherited into the jump, but you exit the dash state and do normal run when you land.

Another idea is maybe you could introduce a new type of stun for consecutive headshots with non-shotgun weapons, like the critical hit stun animation, then let people hit people affected by this to get the same damage as a critical hit. Remove the ability of the shotgun to headshot at all. Add more skill components to the spray weapons so that people with other skills than quick dexteritous button presses can succeed.

Also remove the fucking bullet spray, implement damage falloff for the uzi type weapons, and no falloff for rifle type weapons. Uzis are supposed to be close-range, rifles long range. You’re supposed to switch between them based on how far you are. Instead Uzis are just shit-inaccurate, which is fucking stupid and annoying.

Why do game developers frequently add random bullet spread to their games?

Because it’s accepted! Because in real life, it’s hard to aim guns accurately, the bullets seem to spray everywhere. Adding a randomized spread to the bullets is a cheap way to simulate this. Furthermore, the spread of the bullets seems to give the gun more force, as if it’s uncontrollable, so it makes sense from a game feel perspective.

People just include it in their games and don’t really question why they put it there. Over time people realized that it discourages people from using every weapon to snipe across the map, forcing them to get up close, or pick a specific sniper weapon.

In Gunz this is the exact design dichotomy, uzi type weapons do more DPS, but have a wider spread, rifle type weapons have lower DPS, but a tighter spread. The design intention is that you’ll use uzis for up close encounters, and rifles for further out encounters. The result is that uzis are shit-inaccurate and a pain to use.

What’s your opinion on Gunz 1 and 2?

Gunz 1, it was crazy getting into it when I was younger. I played in a basic way, performed well, and slowly heard about these K-style techniques, the butterfly step, and so on, and eventually picked up a few from what I saw other people doing. I never quite got down the butterfly cancel, but I was close. I didn’t think the way I do now about game states, so I saw people slashing the wall to climb the wall and thought, oh, there’s a wall hang move, so maybe slashing into the wall is similar to that. It’s more like slashing and blocking resets your air state allowing you to airdash or walljump jump again.

The short of it is, the creators had no idea what they created, so they tried to remove it all. The cited reason being that it was too hard on new players (which is bullshit, because I remember being a new player, most players at the lower levels didn’t K-style) This has happened a large number of times throughout all sorts of games. If you do this, you’re a bad designer. This is the equivalent of removing combos from street fighter.

Gunz 1 is a fun, but simple shooting game. You don’t have much weapon variety, the melee attack system is a bit awkward, and not as good as guns in most scenarios. The basic movement techniques are pretty cool and levels are designed to allow crazy vertical movement everyhwere. Most of the depth comes from the K-style glitch. If you want to play it today, you’ll need to find a good private server. The whole game is open source by this point practically. I think they could have improved the base set of mechanics if they balanced wallrunning and wallclimbing around the K-style jump to give them more useful utility, like added speed, ability to control your lateral movement instead of being stuck on a specific trajectory, and so on.

I haven’t played Gunz 2, but from the get-go, they apparently wanted to prevent K-styling. There was like a gimped version of it in some test server at some point that was removed. Then they decided to add classes, one of which has a sniper weapon, which I think violates the type of close combat the series is focused on in the first place. That and having everything restricted to classes is rather limiting in comparison to the mix-and-match approach of the first one.

Looking at the gameplay video, it seems like it has some interesting ideas, and improved the feel of melee attacks. I think I’ll need to try it out to see what they did with it and if anything interesting came of it. I hear you only get 1 character free though. That’s pretty gross.

Only 63% positive reviews on steam.

2 thoughts on “Gunz 1 to 2

  1. Mira May 31, 2016 / 2:07 pm

    this is a game that has dagger noobing it didn’t need to be easier


    • Chris Wagar May 31, 2016 / 3:41 pm

      The stigma against “dagger noobing” is dumb. Either it’s an effective strategy or it isn’t. Don’t go for harder strategies out of some sense of honor, there’s no such thing.


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