Majora’s Mask Boss Review

What do you think of Majora’s Mask’s boss battles?



Odolwa because his fight sucked in the original video

They’re weird compared to normal zelda bosses. You’re given a variety of ways to fight them. Each one incorporates the mask associated with that dungeon but doesn’t force you to use it. They all have some spatial aiming element. They’re not amazing boss battles in the scheme of things, but for a 3d zelda boss, they’re pretty good.

Odalwa has attack patterns, some movement. Summons mooks. He’s a boss. Simple, but allows more freedom than typical 3d zelda bosses.

Goht is the standout boss among these. You can race alongside him, you can shoot arrows at him. You gotta carefully follow him and pick up magic drops and launch yourself up at him, avoid being trampled, and he kicks up rocks at you. You have all these things to consider as you move around him. That’s pretty dynamic all-in-all. In the remake they OF COURSE have him get stunned for a long period and you wail on him with the designated item because sure, why not.

Gyorg was significantly improved in the remake, actually needing to be shot multiple times while he moves. He eventually gets stunned and you shoot the eye, but then he raises the water level and you gotta use the zora mask to fight a ton of tiny fish, sure, alright. In the original you shoot him once, he’s stunned, then you use the mask for damage, pretty lame.

I honestly didn’t play up to Gyorg. I just know Goht is the GOAT 3d Zelda boss. The others still look fairly boring. I probably just should have specified that Goht is pretty alright for a zelda boss. Goht is the sole redeeming feature of Majora’s Mask. Goht is GOAT.

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